100 Beautiful Kitchens To Inspire Your Next Reno

The beautiful kitchens you’ll find here represent the latest designs in US households. We’ve organized these 100 kitchen inspo images by color so it’s easy to browse your favorite ideas.

The kitchen is the hub of the home. Since you spend so much time in this room preparing meals, washing dishes, and gathering with family, it should be functional and fit your style.

100 kitchen design ideas

There’s no shortage of beautiful kitchen ideas. Whether you’re working with a small or large room, these examples can help you make the most of your space.

100 Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas

Here are 100 beautiful kitchen images organized by color.

White Kitchen Ideas

According to the 2023 Houzz Kitchen Trend Survey, white cabinets remain the most popular, with 40% of homeowners opting for white when renovating their kitchen.

1. Bright Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Designer Ann Decker knows that big windows make a white kitchen look bright and fresh. If you want to do an all-white kitchen, maximize natural light for an airy feel.

2. White Marble Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

McIntosh Moorman Interior Design shows us that marble paired with white is a chic kitchen combination. The tiled marble backsplash adds an extra touch of class.

3. Simple White Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

la SHED should be applauded for creating this white kitchen. Focused on simplicity, the white and wood complement each other while the different materials provide texture.

4. Neutral Kitchen With Color Splashes

100 kitchen design ideas

Here you have a bright yellow stove contrasting against dark cabinets and white walls. A pop of color adds a fun element to a white kitchen.

5. Dark Cabinets and White Walls in the Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Just because your walls are white doesn’t mean your cabinets have to be. Choosing a darker cabinet color like Brittany’s cabinets can set your space apart.

6. White Shiplap Rustic Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Among beautiful modern kitchens, white shiplap is a favorite. When you cover your kitchen walls with it, you create a clean rustic look. Courtney Bishop covers cabinet doors in shiplap for more continuity.

7. White Kitchen with Wood Ceiling Beams

100 kitchen design ideas

Danish design company, Garde Hvalsoe, used wood to bring warmth into this kitchen. With beautiful traditional white kitchens, light wood hues offer Scandinavian style.

8. Wood Kitchen Flooring 

100 kitchen design ideas

Wood floors are popular in all kitchens, no matter the color. But by choosing wood for your white kitchen, you’re adding depth and texture to an otherwise plain space. Jen Langston chose a lighter stain for the floor to keep things fresh. Beautiful farmhouse kitchens often feature white and wood colors, and with this example, it’s easy to see why.

9. Warm White Undertones in the Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

If your kitchen has shadowy corners, opt for white with warmer undertones to make your space feel cozy.

10. White on White Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Naturally, we should all take a page out of POCO Designs‘ book and consider going white on white. White walls with a white floor and white cabinets put the focus where it really counts, on the people and the food. 

Gray Kitchen Ideas

Gray is a classic neutral that can be warm or cool, depending on the shade you choose.

11. Gray Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Painting your kitchen a shade of warm gray creates a neutral but cozy room. (image from Ryan Wicks Photography)

12. Family-Friendly Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

When you want to create a modern kitchen that is also family-friendly, black or white can feel stark. Loves Interiors shows us that gray is much softer and yet still neutral enough for metallic pops and modern sensibilities.

13. Warm Gray Walls and Cabinets

100 kitchen design ideas

When your home has wood floors, it makes sense to keep the rest of your decor on the warm side. Like when Johnston Park Interiors used a lovely warm gray for both the walls and the cabinet. It’s a perfect kitchen for lingering over your morning coffee.

14. Sleek Gray Cabinets

100 kitchen design ideas

Is your kitchen wall-to-wall cabinet space? That shouldn’t inhibit you. This kitchen by Modulnova Twenty features sleek stormy gray cabinets for a modern look.

15. Adding Pastel Colors to a Gray Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Since gray is basically pastel black, it seems only natural that you would lean towards other pastel colors in your gray kitchen. Light green, like the backsplash in this kitchen, is a soothing choice. 

16. Bright Cabinets

100 kitchen design ideas

If you’re feeling like gray is too overwhelming, take a note from this happy Swedish kitchen and paint your cabinets a bright color to complement your dusky walls.

17. Brick Flooring And Backsplashes

100 kitchen design ideas

These bricks feature hues of black, cream, and gray.  Dawn Hearn Interior Design complements the gray in the bricks by choosing a similar cabinet and wall color.

18. Gray Marble Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

When you think of gray and chic, you probably come up with marble. Design practice De Rosee Sa uses marble to the fullest extent in this gray kitchen. It doesn’t get much better than a marble kitchen island with seating and waterfall ends.

19. Boho Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

In this example, Jill Frey’s Kitchen Design adds basket shades to hanging pendants, giving this kitchen a touch of personality and a boho flair.

20. Concrete Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Concrete is the new design medium, and Rob Mills Architects would definitely agree. Their kitchen design is mostly concrete, casting a warm gray glow.

Blue Kitchen Ideas

If you want a soothing cooking environment, try blue. Use gray-blues or navys as neutrals and add brighter pops of blue as an accent.

21. Blue Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

You can use blue as a neutral or accent, depending on the shade.  Howell’s Architecture and Design covered the walls of this kitchen with relaxing blue tiles.

22. A Kitchen with Blue Cabinets

100 kitchen design ideas

Blue tile might not be an option for your kitchen, but you can find another way to add it – like painting your cabinet fronts. This kitchen shows us how blue cabinetry adds a modern feel.

23. Blue Shades

100 kitchen design ideas

Famous painter Claude Monet knew his colors. His kitchen is a prime example of how different shades of blue add interest. With beautiful vintage kitchens, you’ll notice they aren’t afraid to take chances. 

24. Navy Blue Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Navy is often labeled too dark for a wall color. However, as EMI Interior Design suggests, dark walls make other elements pop.

25. Pale Blue Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

On the other end of the spectrum, many think that light blue only belongs in a nursery. Angie Keyes uses a pale blue to infuse this kitchen with some serious cottage vibes. 

26. Blue Monochrome Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Sometimes you find a shade of blue you love so much that you wish you could paint everything that color. Plain English Design used the same shade on the walls and cabinets in this traditional kitchen.

27. Blue Countertops

100 kitchen design ideas

Here’s a kitchen with a blue backsplash and countertop. Beautiful galley kitchens are easier to create if you have a narrow cooking space, like this example. You can even have your kids help you keep that pretty blue countertop clean.

28. Tiny Tile Backsplash

100 kitchen design ideas

You might think smaller tiles belong in the bathroom, but Wynne Taylor Ford shows us otherwise. The backsplash in this kitchen is stunning, while the other blue accents pull the room together. Beautiful coastal kitchens often feature blue hues and light wood colors. 

29. Rustic Kitchen Backsplash

100 kitchen design ideas

Blue looks great in texture too. The wavy surface and gradient tones of this backsplash bring out the rusticity of the kitchen. Alexander and Co. complements the blue with warm wood cabinets.

30. Beach Turquoise Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Let’s not leave out turquoise. Greg Terbrock Design Build went all out on this bright and happy kitchen. You would almost believe it’s a beach house. It’s a great example of a white kitchen with a colored island.

Red Kitchen Ideas

Red is a versatile color that works well in modern, farmhouse, and retro kitchens.

31. A Modern Red Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

When many people think of red, a country kitchen comes to mind, complete with plaid valance and a rooster cookie jar. But this inspiring kitchen by Roselind Wilson Design shows us that red works for a modern kitchen too. With minimal lines and shiny cabinet fronts, it banishes all thoughts of roosters from our minds.

32. Eclectic Red Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Red is a fun color for eclectic kitchens. Amazing Spaces’ choice of bright lipstick red for these kitchen cabinets is an invitation to hang out and create together as a family.

33. Wine Red Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Maybe you like red, but you’re worried about putting it in your kitchen. Opt for a darker color instead. The backsplash in this Chai Design kitchen is dark enough to feel chic and classy instead of bright and punchy.

34. Red and Black Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Speaking of chic and classy, Rysso Peters knows how to take chic to the next level. This contemporary kitchen uses red and black for contrast. 

35. Easy To Clean Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

For a lighter look with the same eye drawing red, try this trick like Nissen Richards Studio. Paint the wall above your counter in your chosen shade and install sleek clear panels over top. You’ll get a modern red backsplash that’s easy to clean.

36. Tiled Backsplash

100 kitchen design ideas

Not the DIY type? Then go for a red tile. Martins Camisuli Architects designed a sleek white kitchen with a red backsplash.

37. Spanish Kitchen Design

100 kitchen design ideas

These red cabinets in this Cheryl Ketner Interiors kitchen lay the foundation for a well-designed Spanish-styled kitchen. Just add terra cotta.

38. Purple And Deep Red Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Of course, if the bright red doesn’t appeal to you, add a touch of purple to the paint for a deeper wine-red color like these Harvey Jones Kitchen cabinets. The deep colors add a dramatic flair to the space without feeling gaudy.

39. Lipstick Red Appliances

100 kitchen design ideas

Bright red is the color of retro. That’s why this retro kitchen features lipstick-red appliances and cabinets. If you’re working on a mid-century reno, consider a kitchen idea like this.

40. Deep Country Red 

100 kitchen design ideas

We can’t leave out a red French country kitchen that offers the perfect amount of warmth. The kitchen in this Johnson Berman lodge is a mix of deep country red and natural wood tones. 

Green Kitchen Ideas

Green is one of the most popular colors for 2023. If you want to join the trend, consider hunter-green cabinets, sage walls, and green accents.

41. A Calming Green Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Many people gravitate to green because of its calming properties. So if you are an experimental cook, painting your kitchen a lovely shade of green like this one from Carlyn and Company Interiors and Design can help you relax while you’re working out the perfect cake.

42. Balance Out a Busy Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Rustic kitchens that contain natural textures like wood and stone can benefit from a calming color. JKA Design infused this kitchen with a pale leafy green by giving the wood cabinets a once-over.

43. Modern Green Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Green is also a great shade for modern kitchens. Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Inc. used a bright green to add contrast to the space.

44. Pair Marble With Green Cabinets for a Modern Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Greg Natale uses green for the cabinets in this marble-covered kitchen, creating a classic feel.

45. Green Tinted Countertops

100 kitchen design ideas

If you’re serious about marble, you’ll be thrilled to see these green-tinted countertops. Elegant Kitchens and Baths Inc. found an unexpected way to put more green into this kitchen and still keep the clean white look. A win-win for everyone involved.

46. Opt for a Deeper Green Shade

100 kitchen design ideas

Balt Atelier Limited opted for a deeper green, which is becoming common for cabinetry. The dusky hue complements the modern additions without losing the traditional feel. It’s great example of a kitchen with moody green cabinets and a marble countertop.

47. Green Farmhouse Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

 Donald Lococo Architects covered the cabinets and beadboard in the same pale shade of green to create continuity. The flooring and counters offer contrast.

48. Bright Backsplash

100 kitchen design ideas

There’s nothing like a bright backsplash to stand out against your wooden cabinets. The bright green of this Nico van der Meulen Architects kitchen makes the modern space feel cheery.

49. Retro Kitchen Idea

100 kitchen design ideas

If walls, cabinets, and backsplash weren’t enough, you can also put green on your kitchen floor. Design Studio West uses green and white linoleum to keep the retro feel in this kitchen but with less of a contrast than the typical black and white.

50. Sea Green 

100 kitchen design ideas

Sea-green cabinets offer a light cottage look. This Mark Williams Design Associates kitchen is just the place you want to come into after a romp at the beach.

Black Kitchen Ideas

Using black in your kitchen will help the space feel moody or dramatic and can act as a visual contrast to lighter colors.

51. Chic Black Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

When you hear the word chic, you might think of white. But this black kitchen gives off a high-end feel. Designed by Surroundings, the black appliances and cabinetry make the space modern and classy.

52. A Black and Marble Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Blakes London covers the beadboard of this kitchen with dusty black. The color and material contrast offer lots of visual interest.

53. Black Cabinets and Matching Walls

100 kitchen design ideas

Here’s a kitchen that embraces all black. The white countertop breaks up the black-on-black look, offering a luxurious feel.

54. Opt For a Black Floor in the Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Opting for a black floor instead of black walls will ground your space. In this kitchen, the designers also installed black cabinets and appliances for a statement-making kitchen.

55. Combine Black and Stainless Steel in the Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

So many modern kitchens are styled in white and stainless steel for a clean-cut effect. But what if you used black to make your kitchen stand out from the rest -like this one by William Burton Leopardi.

56. A Rustic Black Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Even rustic kitchens can boast black in some pretty spectacular ways. Katrin Arens embraces the shade in lieu of a backsplash. Next to the wood, it has an industrial style.

57. Black and Yellow Kitchen Example

100 kitchen design ideas

While many designers use a white background to showcase pops of color, consider black instead. Especially for a bright shade like the yellow in this Atticus and Milo kitchen. Black can give your favorite color the punch it needs.

58. Fun Textured Black Wall Tiles

100 kitchen design ideas

Black doesn’t have to be flat, instead, add texture with a wavy black tile. Francois Berube Interiors uses the gloss finish to make a statement among the glowing white cabinetry.

59. Use Black Textured Tiling for the Backsplash

100 kitchen design ideas

In a rustic kitchen that needs an inky statement, consider a backsplash with dimension. Erin Swift had the right idea when she chose a black texturized backsplash that complements other finishes in the room.

60. Modern Industrial Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Standard Studio puts together kitchens that are anything but standard. All the sleek black cabinetry gives off modern vibes with just a touch of industrial charm. Perfect for the homeowner who loves natural and contemporary style.

Orange Kitchen Ideas

Orange symbolizes energy, warmth, and creativity – all great traits to have in a kitchen.

61. Happy Orange Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

If your favorite color is orange, don’t be afraid to use it in the kitchen. These sleek cabinets from Applegate Interior Design Project offer a modern but cheerful look.

62. Pair White and Orange Together

100 kitchen design ideas

This kitchen by Dyna Contracting adds interest with an orange subway tile. The orange contrasts the countertops and adds brightness to the room.

63. Fun Orange Accents

100 kitchen design ideas

When your cabinets are a darker shade, contrast with brighter hues of orange. The popping orange of this kitchen makes the space feel bright and modern, a place to make you smile first thing in the morning.

64. Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Orange is the reigning color of midcentury modern decor. But instead of covering the walls with it, Kropat Interior Design opted for orange countertops. 

65. Using a Reddish Orange Shade in the Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Orange doesn’t have to feel midcentury modern. It can be just plain ol’ modern, like in this sleek kitchen. The reddish-orange paired with wood cabinets feels welcoming.

66. Orange Kitchen Cabinets

100 kitchen design ideas

The backsplash isn’t the only way to put orange in your kitchen. Orange cabinets like these in this Mark English Architects kitchen make for a sleek backdrop.

67. Bold Orange Kitchen Appliances Example

100 kitchen design ideas

For the diehard orange enthusiasts, try orange appliances. Kingston Design Remodeling found a fridge that perfectly matches the orange backsplash in this tiny kitchen.

68. Orange Accent Wall in the Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

With a bit of orange paint, you can brighten up your kitchen without committing long-term. An orange focal wall, like in this Covenant Kitchens & Baths, Inc. kitchen, adds a new look for a few bucks.

69. Pretty Orange Tiles in the Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

If you want to add orange patterned tile to the kitchen, consider the wall. The orange design chosen by Blossom Studio goes coordinates with the rest of the pastel shades in the home.

70. Copper and Orange Accents in the Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Copper has been the “in” metal for a long time – which is great if you love orange. Copper can give off an orange glow in your kitchen. Get stylish with this idea from Murdock Solon Architects, and use copper as your backsplash. 

Brown Kitchen Ideas

Beige is back. So, if you’re tired of using white or gray as your neutral, consider one of these brown kitchen ideas.

71. Gray Tinted Brown Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

If you’re not quite ready to let it go, consider a gray-tinted brown for your kitchen. Greige is a soft shade that acts as a warm neutral, like in this kitchen by Carter Kay Interiors.

72. Kitchen Art Space

100 kitchen design ideas

Put white cabinet doors against all that chocolatey brown for a great contrast. You could also do this beautiful kitchen idea in reverse – using chocolate brown cabinets with a white counter.

73. Beige Kitchen Example

100 kitchen design ideas

Marigo Design utilizes brown in several shades in this example of a traditional kitchen. The light brown backsplash complements the cream cabinetry, while the deep brown island table stands out. The wood floor underneath brings it all together.

74. Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinets

100 kitchen design ideas

Give yourself a break from beige and install dark brown cabinets, like in this kitchen. The light-tone wood floors keep the room from looking heavy. You could also use this idea if you have light tile or linoleum flooring.

75. Brown Walls and Trim in the Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

You aren’t stuck with only light browns and dark cabinets for brown options in your kitchen. Feel free to follow A3’s design and paint your walls and trim to stand out against your white tile.

76. Brown Kitchen Backsplash Example

100 kitchen design ideas

Charisma chose a tile backsplash that includes five shades of brown to pull together the other colors in the room.

77. Modern Kitchen with Natural Wood Tones

100 kitchen design ideas

Modern kitchens require creative layout designs. This small kitchen by Rob Kennon Architects utilizes plywood to bring a light and airy natural texture.

78. A Rustic Brown Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Rustic kitchens might be the best examples of brown kitchens. Holmes Hole Builders covered these kitchen walls in rustic wood for a quaint cabin feel. The variating brown shades and wood grain give this place a family-friendly vibe. The blue kitchen island offers stability.

79. Rustic Wooden Kitchen Example

100 kitchen design ideas

Talk about cabin vibes. This kitchen by Jersey Ice Cream Co. took a whole barn’s worth of rustic wood to put in the kitchen. It’s a warm look, perfect for a little house in the woods.

80. Bright Kitchen Cabinet Fronts with Wood Accents

100 kitchen design ideas

This Dorrington Atcheson Architects kitchen has a mid-century modern feel to it. The wood and bright cabinets work well together.

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

Yellow can increase attention and symbolize optimism and joy. Use it in your kitchen to boost everyone’s mood.

81. A Sunny Yellow Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Yellow kitchens belong in happy houses, like this one from Cottage Company. The butter yellow is the perfect shade to drink your coffee to every morning.

82. Contemporary Yellow 

100 kitchen design ideas

MN Builders shows us how yellow works in contemporary kitchens. The color combines the sleek lines of modern design with the traditional look of older homes.

83. Yellow Kitchen Cabinets 

100 kitchen design ideas

Think outside the box when painting your kitchen yellow, like this example from McCall Design. Instead of painting the walls, they painted the cabinets and added a clean subway tile backsplash. 

84. Yellow Kitchen Tile

100 kitchen design ideas

Or… just find yourself a pretty yellow tile pattern to serve as your backsplash. In this Adrienne DeRosa kitchen, there are two shades of yellow to bring some happiness to the eyes and the soul.

85. Yellow Statement Wall in the Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Kitchens offer the opportunity to create a small statement wall. If you like yellow, go for a bright shade like this Lynda Miehe Associates, and you’ll never be short of smiles while you cook.

86. Bright Yellow Kitchen Cabinets Example

100 kitchen design ideas

If you aren’t a shy decorator, follow the lead of this contemporary kitchen and find the brightest yellow you can muster for your main kitchen color. This works for small kitchens that occupy a little corner of the house.

87. Yellow Retro Kitchen Idea

100 kitchen design ideas

In this retro kitchen, designed by Jackson Design & Remodeling, butter yellow swaths the walls, backsplash, countertop, and floor. They even found pale yellow appliances to match.

88. Classic Kitchen Upgrade with Yellow

100 kitchen design ideas

In this example, Hendricks Churchill uses a bright sunny shade to cover the cabinets and trim in this farmhouse design. Rustic pendant light fixtures hang over the island to create a balanced look.

89. Pale Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

100 kitchen design ideas

Adeeni Design Group took a kitchen and breakfast nook and brought them together with pale yellow custom cabinetry. Against that marble countertop, it feels classic and traditional.

90. Honey Yellow Cabinets

100 kitchen design ideas

In this example, honey-yellow cabinets are the perfect choice. The cabinets cover the bottom of the kitchen counters.

Pink Kitchen Ideas

If you want a feminine and fun touch, pink is your color.

91. Girly Pink Kitchen Example

100 kitchen design ideas

This beauty by Jessica Buckley Interiors is feminine with its striped cushions and floral shade. Just right for a bachelorette’s apartment.

92. Pink Statement Wall in the Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

Pink is another great color for a kitchen statement wall. Here’s a kitchen that utilizes clear panels over a painted wall for the illusion of a pink backsplash.

93. Bold Pink Kitchen Cabinets

100 kitchen design ideas

If you can get away with pink walls, why not pink cabinets? The glossy finish on the pink cabinets in this Leicht Westchester-Greenwich kitchen is modern chic.

94. Blush Kitchen Idea

100 kitchen design ideas

If your kitchen resembles a nursery, tone it down with a blush color. Middleton Bespoke Interiors knew that the warmer shade of pink would blend with the wood tones in this rustic kitchen.

95. Peachy-Pink Kitchen Example

100 kitchen design ideas

Take your blush, add an orange tint, and you’re close to millennial pink – punchy and pretty at the same time. Gisbert Poeppler pairs their pink with chic shades like black for a grown-up look in an otherwise girly space.

96. Hot Pink Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

The two-tone cabinets in this Mal Corboy Design kitchen feel minimal and modern. It’s also appropriate if Malibu Barbie was your favorite doll.

97. Hot Pink Kitchen Backsplash for a Modern Look

100 kitchen design ideas

The kitchen is modern, but the hot pink backsplash creates an eye-catching accent. The pink looks contemporary rather than juvenile. 

98. Textured Pink Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

If you want a pink kitchen, this example by Mal Corboy Design offers plenty of inspiration. The surface adds texture to the space without making it hard to clean.

99. Pale Nursery Pink in the Kitchen

100 kitchen design ideas

If you prefer pale pink, take a note from A1 Lofts and Extensions and embrace it. You’ll be happy to know that they even make pink appliances to fill your need.

100. Pink Kitchen Island

100 kitchen design ideas

When you’re making decorating decisions with an outside party, compromise is key. Harvey Jones Kitchens proves it doesn’t have to be pink to make a big impact. 

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How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost?

According to the NKBA, kitchen remodels range between $1,000 for a single replacement to $20,000 for a complete remodel.

What Is The Most Popular Kitchen Renovation Item?

According to the NKBA, almost 50 percent of total kitchen renovation spending went to appliances and cabinetry. The average reno job cost roughly $4,000.  

Which Kitchen Colors Impact Eating Habits?

Psychologists have found the color red will increase your appetite. If you want a color that will lower your appetite, gray would the best choice. And if you wanted to lower the rate at which you consumed food, the color blue would do the trick.

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Natural wood oak cabinets are making a comeback in US households. They were popular in the 50s, but it seems they’re becoming even more popular today.

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