12 Best Weed-Pulling Tips We Heard from Experts

We’re calling it—this is the summer that we all finally learn to tackle our weeds. Fighting those pesky and often invasive plants can sometimes feel like an uphill battle—but if you’re armed with the right knowledge, it can be a lot easier.

To learn more about addressing the problem from the root and pulling weeds the right way, we sought insight from two experts in the field.

Meet the Expert

  • Rob Palmer has worked in the landscaping industry since 2001. He’s the brand president of Lawn Squad, a company that offers comprehensive lawn care services and keeps yards weed-free nationwide.
  • Darren Muzzy is the director of sales and operations at Michigan Tree Experts, specializing in all things trees and gardening.

Why You Should Hand-Pull Weeds

Pulling weeds by hand is a tried and true method that’s effective and eco-friendly. When you pull weeds by hand, you can control the exact amount of pressure you apply to the weed and successfully remove its entire root.

While not every herbicide is harmful, spraying your lawn with certain chemicals can have a negative impact on your community’s waterways and wildlife. Additionally, some herbicides can harm your landscaping plants if you don’t apply them correctly.

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