15 Smart Products That Will Make Moving So Much Easier

When you’re packing for a big move, it’s often those little inconveniences that lead to big frustrations and mishaps. Equip yourself with a few extra tools so you can give all your beloved belongings their best chance at surviving your move.

We’ve rallied up 15 handy-dandy, game-changing packing tools that you may not have ever thought about purchasing in the first place.

Labelebal 960 Count Moving Labels


Labeling your moving boxes makes the unloading and unpacking much more bearable, but a color-coded system takes it to the next level. This kit comes with labels in different colors for 14 living spaces. Plus, it comes with blank white labels and fragile labels. Applying pre-labeled stickers is also super quick and easy.

Brother P-Touch Label Maker


We all know that handwriting quality declines when you’re tired or in a hurry. That’s why this Brother label maker is an absolute game changer. You can use it to create labels for box contents—that way, you won’t have to search for hours for that one pan or, worse, your phone charger.

Pratt Retail Specialties 12 in. W x 50 ft. L Blue Perforated Padded Premium Foam Cushion

Home Depot

If you’re moving a long distance, you definitely shouldn’t take any chances when it comes to packing your most cherished plates. These padded foam sheets with perforated edges are the perfect size for layering between your plates.

Pratt Retail Specialties 80 in. L x 72 in. W Premium Moving Blanket

Home Depot

Moving blankets come in clutch for protecting your furniture (and your new walls and floors) from scratches. You can also use moving blankets to fill in spaces in your moving truck and prevent boxes from sliding.

UBMOVE Large Cast Stretch Wrap 20″ x 1000′ 80G Roll with Handle


Stretch wrap is an often-overlooked but super useful packing tool. You can wrap it over moving blankets to hold them in place on your furniture.

STARTWO Mattress Bags for Moving & Storage Waterproof PE Fabric Strong Zipper Closure 8 Strong Carrying Handles


Mattresses are among the trickiest things to move, mainly because they are hard to grip. This storage bag has handles, so it solves that problem. Bonus: It’s also waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about your mattress getting soaked if it’s raining on move-in day.

HDX 27 Gal. Tough Storage Tote in Black with Yellow Lid

Home Depot

Storage bins are a lifesaver for holding heavier items like shoes or books. You can also use them to stow away things in your garage or storage unit after the move.

Bankers Box SmoothMove Kitchen Moving Kit


Honestly, who has the time to wrap each individual cup they own in bubble wrap in the midst of a move? Certainly not us, which is why this box with dividers for your cups is a good use of your packing material budget.

TICONN 6 Pack Extra Large Moving Bags with Zippers & Carrying Handles, Heavy-Duty Storage Tote for Space Saving Moving Storage


Moving bags are super useful for transporting lightweight but bulky items that would otherwise take up a lot of room in an average-sized cardboard box. You can use them for your bedding, towels, and clothes.

Scotch Cushion Lock Protective Wrap


Bubble wrap is a moving day necessity, but the cost can really add up. This 30-foot roll of protective wrap by Scotch promises to do the work of 75 feet of plastic bubble wrap.

Lowe’s 24-in W x 44-in H x 24-in D X-large Cardboard Wardrobe Moving Box with Handle Holes


Removing all of your clothes from their hangers is tedious work. Plus, you’re then left with empty hangers that also need to go in a box. A wardrobe box helps you avoid these issues. It comes with a sturdy rod attached to the top that you can hang your clothes on and then box up.

Household Essentials Over The Door 24 Packet Shoe Storage Organizer, Natural Canvas


One of our favorite hacks for transporting shoes is simply placing them in a hanging shoe organizer and then folding the shoe organizer over itself a few times. This will keep all your pairs together, and you can save it for a long-term storage solution.

TXV Mart Heavy Duty Eco-friendly Biodegradable Kraft Paper Tape Packing Tape for Cartons & Boxes 


When it comes time to recycle your moving boxes, you’ll need to check with your local facility to determine whether you need to remove the plastic tape. Since that’s never a fun chore, this biodegradable kraft paper tape is an eco-friendly alternative that may be okay to leave attached.

Anvil 800 lbs. Capacity 18 in. Wood Furniture Dolly

Home Depot

If you plan on moving any heavy boxes or furniture yourself, you’ll want a dolly. This small-but-mighty wood dolly can hold up to 800 pounds.

Frienda 12 Pcs Photo Mirror TV Frame Edge Protection Corners


Your precious wall art, mirrors, and TV are obviously very fragile. While you can always cover these items with moving blankets, their corners are still vulnerable to damage. Give them an extra layer of protection with these foam corners.

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