4 of Thumbtack’s Most Popular Home Projects of 2024

If you’re getting ready to renovate your home this spring, you’re not alone. Spring is often known as the best time to renovate, thanks to the good weather speeding up both outdoor and indoor projects and the opportunity to get ahead of the housing market if you’re planning to sell your renovated home. But what are the most popular home projects of the spring season? 

Thumbtack created a report from their home database to look into the trendiest home renovations of the season. From landscaping to weather-proofing, there are plenty of popular projects that can truly only be completed in good weather. We’ve rounded up Thumbtack’s top five home projects to consider before summer hits.

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Renovating Old Design Choices

Thumbtack has dubbed the first home project a “great undoing,” which involves homeowners getting rid of any design decisions they made over the past few years they’re starting to regret. This doesn’t just have to mean choices they made need remodeling—removing old carpets and wallpaper were the top projects on Thumbtack users’ lists. 

Thumbtack also points out that these projects can have more than one benefit. Overtime, the carpet will accumulate dust and dirt, which can affect the home’s overall air quality and cleanliness. Regular carpet cleanings can solve this issue, but if your carpet has some serious wear and tear, you might be better off replacing it entirely. Thumbtack users agree with this sentiment, with carpet removal up 57% this year. 

To fix up all the “undoing” Thumbtack users have been focused on ahead of summer, homeowners are also looking at interior painting projects, which still remain one of the most popular home renovation requests of all. 

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Updating Home Cooling Systems

The second most popular Thumbtack project was duct, vent, and AC repair—unsurprising given the heat waves already starting to hit the U.S. After last year’s record-breaking summer, home renovators are looking to improve (or create) their home cooling systems. If you’re looking to install AC units in your home before the heat really hits, now is your chance to do it.

Other home improvement projects that are helping Thumbtack users prepare for the summer are window tinting and pool inspections. Window tinting is a great way to help keep your home cooler without requiring you to leave your curtains closed all day. 

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Waterproofing and Damage Repair

Cooling the home isn’t the only summer project renovators are checking off this year, though. Home waterproofing is up 73% this year, while home water damage repair has seen over a 40% increase.

Homeowners are preparing for summer storms (and another seriously wet winter) by improving their home’s ability to withstand water. If your home has been damaged by water within the past year, you’re not alone—fortunately, the spring season is a good time to fully fix these issues during warm weather. 

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Landscaping and Woodscaping

Outdoor landscaping has, of course, been a major pre-summer renovation this year. Thumbtack’s report states that it isn’t necessarily the lawns homeowners are worried about —it’s wood. Not only are homeowners looking into adding (and repairing) outdoor decks, porches, and patios, but there’s also a big upward trend in adding a bit of shade to the yard with pergolas and new trees.

This also means that homeowners are prioritizing outdoor gathering spots over lawn areas, according to one of Thumbtack’s landscaping pros, Bret Douglas. With summer about to be in full swing, now is the time to set up the outdoor space of your dreams—and that may include more covered seating arrangements than it does grass. 

For those in hotter environments or anyone who’s just tired of mowing their lawn (which is many Thumbtack users, with the next most-booked outdoor project being professional lawn mowing), it might sound like a good time to forfeit the lawn for an even more useable outdoor space.

Thumbtack’s report was generated using data from January 2023 to April 2024. If you’re looking for home renovation ideas yourself or just want to check out all the home renovation trends on Thumbtack’s list, you can view the full report on their official website.

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