6 Easy Changes That Will Make Your Home Way More Stylish

After a successful season of spring cleaning, it’s not uncommon to look around and realize your home could use some upgrades.

The good news is, not every update needs to be expensive or time-consuming. In fact, there are plenty of options that don’t even require a hammer, let alone heavy construction!

With the help of some of our favorite designers, we’ve rounded up a few easy changes the pros say can make your home instantly feel better.

Here are their top tips for quick and easy changes you can make now to refresh your space.

Little Changes Add Up

Stephanie Hoey Interiors

As Stivale Graffam Home co-founder John Stivale notes, one great way to upgrade your space is to focus on lots of smaller, easy swaps that all add up to an overall change. He suggests focusing on accessories, textiles, and art. 

“Changing a few of these key pieces in each of your spaces can completely change the overall look and feel of the environment,” he says.

Stivale notes that accent pillows and throw blankets are a great way to add instant color and texture, while art can immediately improve a room. The key is to decorate with classic and timeless staples as your foundation pieces, and then layer in fresh accessories. 

“This is an easy way to add both personality and punch to your space,” he says.

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Give Your Staircase a Makeover

White Sands Design/Build

According to Hannah Goldberg of Hannah Charlotte Interiors, staircases are one often overlooked element in our homes, despite the fact they’re used multiple times each day. But with the right changes, you can easily and instantly update this area to be more eye-catching—and possibly more functional, too.

Obviously, replacing an entire staircase is a huge job—but making small changes is not. From updating the newel post to swapping out balusters to adding a star runner or decorative lighting, Goldberg says updating any area of your staircase can make an impact. 

“Even just one of these updates can have a transformative effect on how you experience the space,” she says.

Swap Out Hardware

Stephanie Perez

If your kitchen is feeling especially tired, Goldberg says it could be time to update the hardware—something she calls the jewelry of the home.

“We love to use a natural finish that will patina over time to add a beautiful and timeless texture to your kitchen,” she says.

Consider Your Ceilings

Alvin Wayne Interiors

A beautiful paint job can be a great way to change the feel of the room, but it can also be expensive, time-consuming, and require some furniture displacement. 

Unless, says Goldberg, you focus your attention on your ceiling—which Goldberg notes is the fifth wall of your space. 

“Add a painted border or wallcovering if you’re bold, or consider adding beams or coffers to add an architectural element,” she says. 

Upgrade Your Window Treatments

Leah O’Connell Design

It’s shocking how much window treatments can change the whole feel of a room, and this is especially true of the bedroom, Goldberg says. 

“The perfect drape and shade combination can take a room from drab to 5-star hotel,” she says. 

She often suggests her clients skip a decorative Roman shade and instead opt for a simple, cream-pinch pleat drape mounted as close to the ceiling as possible.

“This creates the perfect combination of texture, beauty, and privacy,” Goldberg says.

Add or Update Your Window Boxes

Eric Gross/Flickr/CC 2.0

If you’re more interested in an easy upgrade to your home’s curb appeal, Goldberg says she loves window boxes. Opt for a material with some patina, she suggests.

If you prefer painted boxes, Goldberg says a complimentary paint color to your shutters is a safe bet, as is a simple, stained wood. 

“This can add layers of texture and an instant update to the front of your home,” Goldberg says.

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