6 Items In Your Bedroom That Can Actually Make it Dirtier

No one wants to think of their bedroom as a breeding ground for dirt and clutter. After all, sleep spaces should be zen, cozy, and welcoming—they’re where we hope to unwind after a busy day and wake up feeling fresh.

If you’re looking to ensure that your bedroom is as neat and clean as can be, you’ll want to make an effort to clean or part ways with the below six items, all of which are known to make rooms dirtier, according to cleaning experts.

Hamper Liner

You’re diligent about washing all of the clothes sitting inside of your hamper, but when was the last time you considered washing its liner specifically?

“Give it a wash once a month with your clothes to avoid it becoming stinkier than your unmentionables,” Jolin Polasek, the founder and CEO of Sage Organization & Design, says.

You can simply toss your hamper in the wash when you’re doing a load of sheets or towels, making this process super easy.


Your bedroom doesn’t get as much foot traffic as your living room, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect cleaning the carpet, which can still accumulate plenty of dust and beyond over time.

“Those plush carpets and soft rugs might feel luxurious underfoot, but they’re also magnets for dirt, dust, and pet dander,” Vanessa Terra Bossart, the owner of the cleaning service Green Terra Cleaning, says.

Bossart encourages frequent vacuuming and the occasional deep clean to ensure it’s free of any leftover debris.


Just because you’re generally walking in your bedroom barefoot doesn’t mean that your carpet couldn’t use a good regular cleaning. Be sure to clean and vacuum wall-to-wall carpeting and area rugs often to keep dust at bay.

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Dust and allergens will also accumulate on your curtains, so it’s important to clean those often, too, Bossart notes.

“Forgetting to clean them regularly can lead to a layer of grime that detracts from your bedroom’s cleanliness,” she says.

Fortunately, she explains, you can clean your curtains at home easily—simply pop them into the washing machine or vacuum them.


Many people love to scroll through their devices or flip through television channels before hitting the hay. Like other bedroom items, electronics need cleaning as well, Bossart explains.

“They’re also magnets for dust and grime,” she says. “Forgetting to dust and wipe them down regularly can spread dirt and germs throughout the bedroom.”

Katie Lambert, owner of cleaning service Clean Queen, adds that eating while using a phone or laptop in bed can transfer crumbs onto your sheets. On that note, she adds that in general, snacking in your sleep space can be the worst thing you can do and is best avoided at all costs.

“Crumbs and spills attract pests and make cleaning sheets more frequent,” Lambert says. “Enjoy meals at a table and keep food and drinks out of your bedroom.”


If you can avoid eating or snacking in the bedroom, do so—it will eliminate the possibility of crumbs, which can necessitate more frequent cleaning or even lead to bugs.

Wet Laundry

Hang that laundry up on a hook, hanger, or drying rack outside of the bedroom, and you’ll surely thank yourself later when your room is mildew-free and your clothes dry nicely.

“Drying laundry in your bedroom doesn’t cut it,” Lambert says. “Leaving damp clothes in your hamper or on your floor encourages mold growth.”

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Excessive Clutter

Consider this yet another reason to keep your bedroom free of extra stuff. If you’re not using it, you’re better off letting it go for good.

“Piled up clothes, miscellaneous stacks of mail or other papers, and random knick-knacks all create more surfaces for the

dust to settle,” Lambert says.

Take inventory of your belongings and do a big donation run to clear out your bedroom—all while minimizing the buildup of allergens in your sleep space.

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