8 Problems You Should Fix Around Your Home Before Summer

As the temperature starts to rise and the days get a bit longer, it’s easy to skip from spring into a summer frame of mind. But to enjoy the most that summer has to offer when it does arrive, there are some tasks homeowners should tackle now.

We spoke to a few home experts for their insight on what fixes can be done quickly now—along with some of the perils of waiting too long.

Complete Outdoor Painting Projects

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Paint and stain must cure properly to create a lasting finish, so finish painting your home’s exterior or staining your deck before the extreme heat and humidity arrive. 

Sam Jernigan, a residential interior designer at Renaissance Design Consultations, warns of how exterior paint finishes can “alligator”—or form wide cracks that look like scales—in extreme temperatures.

“In addition to how much more physically comfortable it will be to tackle any outside painting or touch-up projects in the spring, the paint itself will perform much better over time,” Jernigan says.

Test Your AC

Home experts are unanimous: make sure your AC is in working order before you need to start using it.

Clean out the filters of window units and replace filters on HVAC units before turning them on to see if cool air indeed comes out. If it doesn’t, don’t wait until summer to call a pro when service calls are hard to come by and pricey when you do.

Trim Back Landscaping

Pure Salt Interiors

Lush trees and foliage provide cool shade in the summertime, but dead limbs and branches can break and damage your home. While extensive tree removal requires a professional, you can trim back foliage.

“Doing some regular yard maintenance will go a long way in preventing this type of roof damage from happening,” Korey Gregory, construction supervisor at ASAP Restoration LLC, says.

Inspect Outdoor Plumbing

Walter Powell Architect

If you’ve shut the water supply to your garden hose or other outdoor plumbing for the winter, turn it back on and test the flow. Inspecting your outdoor lines is an important step in preventing future damage to your home from water intrusions and leaks.

“The seasons can be rough on your home’s plumbing system when it goes through freeze and thaw cycles,” Gregory says.

Seal Window and Door Gaps

A weatherproofed house is important in any season, especially in summer heat. Weatherstripping your windows and doors to close gaps goes a long way to preventing air leakage, according to Danny Johnson, a professional home buyer and remodeler at Danny Buys Houses. He can attest that weatherstripping has “drastically” lowered the utility bills for his own 100-year-old home in San Antonio.

Enjoy an Easy DIY

Johnson notes this is an easy, DIY project that can be done in a weekend. Most weatherstripping comes with adhesive backing that makes it easy to cut, peel, and stick.

Clean the Gutters

The Spruce / Jayme Burrows

Clean gutters are a homeowner’s goal for any time of the year, but you’ll especially want them clean of any leftover leaves and debris for those summer rainstorms. Otherwise, drains will clog and pooling water on the roof could cause water damage, according to Brandon Walker, superintendent at ASAP Restoration LLC.

“This isn’t a fun task, but once you’re up there it’s easy and almost cathartic,” he says.

Check the Attic for Bats

Make no mistake—pest control is a year-round effort for homeowners. But when bats are involved, you must take action in the springtime, especially if you live in a state where they are on the endangered or protected list.

Suppose you have heard any irregular, high-pitched squeaking noises coming from your attic or haven’t been up there for some time. In that case, you may want to take a look this spring to confirm whether or not you have bats living up there, according to Meg Pearson, the training manager at Critter Control.

Know When to Call a Professional

Should you find evidence of bats, do not attempt to handle them on your own. Instead, call a professional wildlife removal service that knows how to navigate both bats and the laws that protect them, advises Pearson.

Stock Up on Summer Tools and Supplies

If you’re making a list of the tools or supplies you need to complete these tasks before summer, remember that Memorial Day sales are right around the corner. Tommie Andrews, owner of Handyman Connection, suggests stocking up on essentials like batteries, lawn and garden tools, and especially extra HVAC filters.

Andrews says you should swap those out at least once a month during the summer to keep your air conditioner in prime condition. A little work now can go a long way toward your summer enjoyment.

While all of these tasks and inspections can be done as a DIYer, know that early intervention from a pro, when needed, can save a lot of hassle and money down the road.

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