AI-Generated Drake Songs and Amazon Upgrading Alexa

What do you prioritize in a job? I’m Diamond Naga Siu, and in this turbulent economy, I definitely want stability over most other things.

This is pretty common for Gen Z workers like myself. Job searches show that we’re not keen to work in Big Tech anymore. And my colleague Grace Mayer highlights how retail, finance, and other (seemingly more stable) industries are piquing our interest instead.

Check out what companies are hot among Gen Z (like Nike and Toyota). And once you’re done, let’s dive into today’s tech.

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Amazon echo

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1. Amazon wants to equip Alexa with ChatGPT-like features. A leaked document viewed by Insider revealed that Amazon wants to focus on entertainment features for Alexa. These include conversational video searches, personal recs, and storytelling capabilities.

Hey, Alexa: Take us to the story here.

In other news:

Microsoft's Charlie Bell

Microsoft’s Charlie Bell

Courtesy of Microsoft

2. Rare interview: AWS cofounder Charlie Bell. He joined Microsoft in 2021 to run its $20 billion cybersecurity business. Bell dished to my colleague Ashley Stewart on why he made the move, how he met Satya Nadella, and more. Get the full interview here.

3. ChatGPT for all employees. This CEO is testing whether ChatGPT will make his employees more productive (while also saving money). Check out how his experiment is going here. On the flip side: Samsung is the latest company to ban employees from using ChatGPT.

4. Market turmoil promo: Startups discounted up to 80%. Investors are beginning to shed their startup shares. Some view this as the perfect opportunity to buy heavily discounted investments. More on the startup “catnip” here.

5. CEOs finally admit that AI will replace many jobs. The verdict is in, writes my teammate Hasan Chowdhury: AI can and will make jobs extinct. Microsoft already has a history of replacing workers with AI. Many others are crafting similar plans. Check them all out here.

6. Cash App creator Bob Lee’s autopsy. The report shows that he died of three stab wounds, which damaged his lungs and heart. But the suspected killer’s lawyer claims that drugs and alcohol were at play. More on the moneyed murder here.

7. Student makes viral, AI-generated music. “It’s honestly kind of scary how easy these things are to do,” Jered Chavez said. He added that it’s easy to make the songs sound real. Listen to the pretty convincing “Drake” song here.

8. The longest lasting 23 cars, trucks, and SUVs. These vehicles are all predicted to last more than 250,000 miles. Models include the Honda Accord, Ram 2500, and Toyota Land Cruiser. Hit the road for the full list here.

Odds and ends:

The interior of Ansel Troy's Airbnb

Courtesy of Ansel Troy

9. Two tiny houses are this Airbnb owner’s primary source of income. Ansel Troy put the tiny houses in his Oakland home’s yard. They rent for $90 to $250 per night and were originally just a way to earn a bit of extra income. Welcome to a tour of both houses.

10. ‘I got a job as a Waffle House server that pays $2.92 an hour.’ Amanda Claypool is a writer and strategy consultant. After working there once a week, she now understands why there’s a labor shortage. Check out her experience here.

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