AI Hype Could Be Distracting Us From Serious US Economic Threats

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artificial intelligence

The humanoid robot Pepper of the American company CloudMinds is seen attending the request of a selfie during the MWC2019.

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1. The excitement around ChatGPT, AI, and related tech stocks is old news now, but Wall Street can’t stop talking about it. 

The business world has been single-minded when it comes to AI, and that’s led to strong stock performances for once-little-known names like, as well as giants like Nvidia. 

But all the hubbub may actually be obscuring some serious risks to the US economy, as my colleague Zahra Tayeb writes. 

The central bank has raised interest rates, for example, by 500 basis points in 15 months — the steepest trajectory in decades. Benchmark rates are currently hovering at the highest mark since 2007, just before the global financial crisis began. 

The Fed’s own recession probability model shows there’s a 70% chance of a downturn by this time next year.

Some investors are also concerned that elevated borrowing costs could soon bring pain to stocks, especially if the central bank makes another rate hike or two. Elon Musk, Nouriel Roubini, and a chorus of Wall Street firms have issued dire warnings. 

But the tech sector’s strength over recent months — thanks to AI — seems to have muted fears of a recession. That could be a big blind spot. 

“Given all other things being equal, such a scenario will likely trim corporates’ budgets and demand for technology hardware and software upgrades that could put a dampening effect on the current bout of AI optimism,” OANDA analyst Kelvin Wong wrote in a recent note.

Outside the US, too, there’s reason for concern. 

China’s massive economy is facing a bleak growth outlook and a weaker-than-expected pandemic rebound. 

The country’s slowing trade, weak industrial production numbers, and piling debt all ultimately present problems for Wall Street, which may be catching on to the risk. 

The S&P 500 just posted a losing week after five straight weeks of gains. The Nasdaq also had a negative week, ending an eight-week winning streak. 

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