Aldi Fans Are Buying Hats, Socks, and Jackets With the Grocer’s Logo

  • Aldi unveiled a line of clothing and accesories featuring the company’s colors and logo.
  • Fans are posting on TikTok and Reddit, sharing Aldi-branded hats and windbreakers as they find them.
  • The discount grocer is one of the fastest-growing supermarekts in the US.

Shoppers are now turning to Aldi for tracksuits, bucket hats, and slip-on sandals along with groceries.

The discount grocer unveiled a line of apparel and accessories in March. The items range from socks to windbreakers to umbrellas and feature the chain’s light- and dark-blue colors, multicolor stripes, and Aldi’s logo. 

The line, called “Aldi Gear,” is available nationwide, and none of the items sell for more than $9.99 each, the company said. The latest products come about a year after the first line of Aldi Gear, which included water bottles, t-shirts, and sandals.

“After we saw the success of our 2022 collection, it only made sense to up the ante this year,” Aldi Vice President of National Buying Joan Kavanaugh said.

The company said that the gear will be available “while supplies last.” Avid shoppers have taken note, sharing information on where they found the gear and flaunting it when they’re successful on social media.

“I thought there was no prayer — the last piece of Aldi merch at my store today was waiting for ME in my size!” one post on the Aldi subreddit from earlier this week reads. The post includes a photo of a black Aldi jacket with stripes.

In a TikTok video posted on March 22, the first day that the latest Aldi Gear went on sale, user disneydiva_4u shows off several pieces of the line, including keychains with a pouch to hold a quarter. Aldi’s carts require shoppers to deposit a quarter to use the chain’s shopping carts, a strategy that encourages customers to return carts to corrals and saves the company money on labor costs.

“Their collection is so stinking cute,” she says in the video. “And everybody had grabbed a lot of the sizes already, so I didn’t get much.”

Based in Germany, Aldi has stores in 20 countries. It entered the US with a store in Iowa in 1976. Since then, Aldi has opened roughly 2,300 stores in the country and remains one of the fastest-growing grocery chains, according to industry publication Winsight Grocery Business. Roughly half of all grocery stores opened in the US last month were Aldi locations, Winsight reported.

A Bank of America analysis last month found that Aldi ranks among the most-affordable grocers in the US. The chain keeps costs low by having employees shift between tasks during a shift, such as moving from the checkout line to stocking shelves during less busy times. It also carries a higher percentage of store-brand groceries than other retailers.

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