Battery-Powered Lighting Is Trending—Get the Look

It’s no secret that lighting can make or break a room, and one of our favorite ambient lighting options is wall sconces, especially for bedrooms—any bedroom with a bed flanked by two beautiful wall lights is instantly elevated from drab to fab.

As a renter, wall sconces may seem out of reach since they usually require hardwiring. Even if you’re a homeowner, fitting the lights can be complicated and costly, thanks to needing an electrician.

But, the good news is that there is another way: battery-powered sconces that need no hardwiring and don’t even need to be plugged in.

We break down our love for this clever product below and help you decide if this lighting hack is worth trying in your home.

Why We Love This Lighting Hack

Battery-powered wall sconces are the answer to your lighting woes. Always wanted to highlight your favorite artwork, or perhaps you have a fireplace or a console table that needs livening up? A pair of beautiful, temporary sconces could be the answer.

There is no limit to how you can decorate with these lights in a rental home or even as a homeowner. They’re a quick, easy, and affordable way to upgrade any wall.

With so much potential, it’s no surprise that this lighting trend is taking social media by storm, and we don’t see this trend going away anytime soon. Being such a popular trend also means that there’s plenty of choice out there for every budget and every style.

Design Tip

If you happen to fall for wall sconces that need hardwiring, depending on the style of light, it may be possible to fit them with a puck light or a rechargeable LED bulb and turn them in to battery-powered sconces.

Some of Our Favorite Battery-Powered Sconces

You can find a huge range of designs from vintage sconces to modern ones and everything in between. So, no matter what your style preference, there is a temporary wall sconce out there for you. 

If you need a little help choosing a wall sconce, we’ve picked out a few that caught our eye for both design and price.


Love timeless design? These gold sconces will fit in with any style of decor and won’t ever look dated. Their swivel heads mean you can point the light in whatever direction it’s needed whether that’s for bedtime reading or to illuminate a favourite decor piece.

Pair of Rechargeable Rattan Wall Sconces


When you think of woven lights, pendants come to mind but why not sconces? Nothing says cozy more than woven textures, especially for a bedroom. These lights will add some relaxed style to a bedroom especially if you favor a Scandi rustic or boho style look.

Pair of Farmhouse Style Wall Sconces


For a farmhouse inspired look, these shaded sconces will make quite a statement. Bedroom aside, they’d look stunning above a fireplace, in an entryway, or above a vanity. The black and white palette means they’d work with any color scheme but they also come in gold and chrome if you prefer metallics.

Koopala LED Sconces


Modern, minimalist, and very affordable at just over $20 each, these sconces are peel-and-stick so no screws are needed. The light has three temperature settings and is rotatable so you can point the light in any direction. If not for bedtime reading, this light would be just as useful above a desk.

Pair of Macallan Iron Metal LED Wall Sconces


Combining subtle industrial flair with modern details, these battery-powered wall sconces even come with a timer. They would be handy in many rooms, but the timer function makes them perfect for the bedroom—imagine dozing off while reading knowing that your light will switch off automatically. In a nutshell, these sconces are practical, convenient, and good-looking!

Tips to Correctly Install Them

As the name suggests, these sconces are powered with batteries and either puck lights or rechargeable LED bulbs. Switch them on and off with a remote control—most have dimmers with a range of warm and cool settings, so you can set the mood exactly as you want.

One caveat worth noting though—since they’re battery-powered, they require regular recharging, so they’re better suited for spaces where they’re used for short periods like in a bedroom or above a bathroom vanity.

Installing these sconces couldn’t be simpler—screw the lights onto the wall as you would with any sconce, and you’re done.

Some sconces come with peel-and-stick backs, so there’s no screwing needed. Either way, they’re easy to remove so you can move them around your home and take them with you when you move home.

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