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Wonderdog: The Science of Dogs and Their Unique Friendships with Humans

wonder dog book cover

Wildlife expert, zoology correspondent and science writer Jules Howard presents this celebration of dogs and the scientists who have lived alongside them. Our relationship with dogs has considerably evolved, and this book takes a look at the historical paths we’ve walked together and how psychologists and animal behaviorists have built upon the study of dogs with important results. With the help of veterinarians, ethologists, neurologists, historians and the author’s own dogs, this book reveals the study of dogs to be key in the advancement of compassion in scientific research — and crucial to making life on Earth better for all species.

$27.95; Pegasus Books

Faithful Friends: Norman Rockwell and His Dogs

normal rockwell and his dogs book cover

Since the beginning of his career, dogs were integral to Norman Rockwell’s art, often conveying the emotion of a scene (like the family dog bounding forward to greet a soldier returning from war). He sometimes used his own dogs as models: Raleigh the German Shepherd, Butch the Springer Spaniel and Pitter the Beagle mix. Written by Margaret Rockwell (the artist’s granddaughter by marriage), this book reproduces 50 of Rockwell’s best paintings with canine characters, along with his drawings and reference photos of dogs, and rarely seen Rockwell family photos. The text takes us inside Rockwell’s home and studio, illuminating his life with dogs.

$17.95; Abbeville Press

Sit, Stay, Heal: What Dogs Can Teach Us About Living Well

sit stay heal book cover

For more than two decades, esteemed veterinary oncologist Dr. Renee Alsarraf has treated cancer in canine patients. But when she was diagnosed with cancer herself, the disease she dedicated her professional life to fighting left her afraid and unsure. But in receiving her diagnosis, she realized that the empathy she had for animals went both ways. Those furry, four-legged friends seemed to understand her own difficult journey and showed her the true power of unconditional love and positivity. The book is an unforgettable and moving testament to both the healing nature of dogs and the resilience of the human spirit.

$27.99; HarperOne

Forever Home: The Inspiring Tales of Rescue Dogs

forever home book cover

Sometimes a dog’s journey to his forever home isn’t a simple, straight line. Behind every dog featured in this touching photo series by photographer Traer Scott is a heartwarming tale of resilience and love. Scott, a Rhode Island-based photographer, whose earlier books include Finding Home and Shelter Dogs, chronicles their journeys to their forever homes with full-color, close-up portraits, along with their adoption stories. Whether you’re a new puppy parent or simply an animal lover, this celebration of pet rescue and adoption in all its forms is the ideal tribute to our canine friends.

$19.95; Princeton Architectural Press

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