Bezos Sports Butterfly Button-Down at Coachella, People Have Thoughts

  • Amazon founder Jeff Bezos showed up at Coachella in a butterfly-print button-down shirt.
  • His look drew comparisons to the “Fast and Furious” franchise, as well as Jim Carrey character Ace Ventura.
  • Other Redditors said billionaires had done worse things than going to Coachella in a fun shirt.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos showed up to Coachella in a butterfly-print button-down shirt over the weekend, and Reddit had thoughts about his sartorial choices.

“Looks like a low budget Fast and Furious scene,” wrote Redditor RuckOver3 in a post that was upvoted more than 34,000 times as of press time.

Bezos was spotted at the festival with his partner Lauren Sanchez, Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, and Jenner’s partner, Corey Gamble, per TMZ. Bezos was pictured wearing a blue, butterfly-print button-down, distressed jeans, and white sneakers.


“Why he dressed like Ace Ventura?” wrote Redditor BarfJello, in a comment that had been upvoted more than 13,000 times as of press time. The comment referenced Ace Ventura, the Miami-based pet detective played by Jim Carrey in the 1994 movie of the same name.

Other Redditors said Bezos looked like he was going through a “mid-life crisis”, and dressed like a “dad at the sock hop.”

One Redditor tried to figure out where the shirt was from. 

“He’s wearing a $12 shirt from Amazon,” Reddit user MrPootie wrote.

Representatives for Bezos at Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider on whether the billionaire was wearing a $12 shirt.

Other Redditors rose to Bezos’ defense.

“Looks like the average Coachella attendee,” wrote Reddit user electricman420.

“He’s 59 years old, in great shape, dating a woman around his own age and having fun at a music festival,” Redditor Notoriouslydishonest wrote, adding that Bezos’ presence at the festival is “exponentially less creepy” than other billionaires’ behavior.

It’s not the first time a Bezos outfit has become the talk of the town. In 2019, he was seen wearing a pair of $260 Vilebrequin swim trunks on a superyacht. The octopus-print shorts went on to become one of the hottest items of the summer. And in 2017, memes of “swole Bezos” in a black polo, puffy vest, and aviators went viral online.

And Bezos is not the only member of the rich and powerful tech set to be spotted at a festival. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is a longtime Coachella fan and has been spotted at the event several times.

Google’s cofounders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, are also known to have attended — and loved going to — Burning Man. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, and Asana founders Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein have also been spotted at Burning Man

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