Biden Says Kamala Harris ‘Hasn’t Gotten the Credit She Deserves’ As VP

  • President Biden said on MSNBC that VP Harris “hasn’t gotten the credit she deserves” in her role.
  • The president pointed to Harris’ tenure as California AG and a US senator in boosting her background.
  • “With everything going on, she hasn’t gotten the attention that she deserves,” he said. 

President Joe Biden, in an interview that aired on Friday, praised Vice President Kamala Harris’ record and said that she “hasn’t gotten the credit she deserves.”

Biden, while speaking with the MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle for a segment that aired on “The 11th Hour,” spoke highly of Harris, who will run alongside him once again next year but who also faces questions about her political viability as a future standard-bearer of the Democratic Party.

“I just think that Vice President Harris hasn’t gotten the credit that she deserves,” he told Ruhle. “She was attorney general of the state of California. She has been a United States senator. She is really very, very good.”

“With everything going on, she hasn’t gotten the attention that she deserves,” he added.

Ruhle then told Biden that some critics have said that he’s “elevating” Harris because he may not serve a full term if he’s reelected in 2024, a prospect that some Republicans have already raised in making the case for why voters shouldn’t cast their ballots for the president next year.

Biden grinned at Ruhle’s statement and then pivoted to defending his reelection bid, where he argued that he was “more experienced than anybody that’s ever run for the office.”

Harris, who ran against Biden in pursuit of the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, left that contest after her campaign stumbled in advance of the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries.

Biden, who had committed to selecting a woman as his running mate, chose Harris as his No. 2 after he had wrapped up the Democratic nomination, and the pair went on to win the November 2020 general election against then-President Donald Trump and then-Vice President Mike Pence.

But months after Biden and Harris took office in 2021, the vice president’s office began experiencing some turnover, and while the vice president was focusing on voting rights and addressing the root causes of migration to the southern border from Northern Triangle countries, she was roundly criticized by Republicans over what they saw as continued immigration problems at the US-Mexico border.

Last year, Harris reportedly began a political reboot of sorts, making new hires in her office as she entered a midterm election year where her advocacy for abortion rights would eventually become a key part of her agenda as she traveled across the country speaking with an array of voters and women’s groups.

But even with Biden seeking reelection next year, 2028 also looms ahead, and Harris — if she chooses to run for president that year — will almost certainly find herself competing with a swath of ambitious Democrats who will also be seeking to capture the Democratic presidential nomination and assume the mantle of party leader.

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