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Dogs are masters of eating things they shouldn’t, whether it’s stealing food from our plates or tasting that new plant you bought. When it comes to human food, plenty of things are safe for them (though not necessarily healthy), but a few foods can be toxic. So, if your pet has just eaten something they shouldn’t, finding out how safe it was is vital.

A food that dogs are particularly fond of is sausage, but can dogs eat sausages? It depends on the ingredients, but, without seasoning, sausages aren’t toxic. However, they aren’t healthy for them either. Read on to learn why sausages are not the best treat to give your dog.

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Benefits and Negatives of Sausage for Your Dog

Unfortunately, there aren’t really any nutritional benefits to letting your pup eat sausage. Yes, dogs need meat and require protein to stay healthy, but the negatives of sausage far outweigh the protein boost your pet would get. What are those negatives?

For starters, sausages are high in fat, which is unhealthy for your pet. Did you know that sausages can have as much as 50% fat? That’s a lot! A one-off high fat meal such as a sausage can sometimes trigger pancreatitis in susceptible dogs.

Adding that much extra fat to your dog’s diet can, over time, lead to obesity. Obesity, in turn, predisposes your dog to pancreatitis, joint disease, and even some cancers.

Then there are seasonings sometimes found in sausages. If sausage has spicy seasonings, it could seriously upset your dog’s stomach, leading to vomiting or diarrhea. And if the sausage you’re feeding your pet has onion or garlic, it could be downright dangerous, as both are toxic to canines.

Finally, if sausage is undercooked, it could put your pup at risk of becoming ill from a bacterial or parasitic infection, such as trichinosis or Salmonella.

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What Do I Do If My Dog Has Eaten Sausage?

If your furry friend has only had a small bite or two of sausage, they might be fine. Regardless of how much sausage has been eaten you need to monitor for:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

If you notice any of these signs, take your dog to the vet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You might have more questions about feeding sausage to your dog. Here are a couple of the more frequently asked questions about this food.

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Are sausage substitutes safe to feed to my dog?

It depends on the substitute. If it’s a plant-based sausage alternative, the answer is probably no. It depends on the ingredients, cooking method and fat content but if in doubt it’s better to avoid giving these to your dog.

What can I give my dog instead of sausage?

If you still want to give your pet a meaty treat, stick to lean, cooked meats. Avoid anything that has been fried in fat or oil. Baked or boiled chicken or boneless fish is a healthy substitute. Meaty commercial dog treats are also a good option.

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Final Thoughts

Though a bite or two of sausage may not harm your dog, it could trigger pancreatitis in sensitive dogs. This food is extremely unhealthy for your pet. It contains too much fat and may contain harmful seasonings. Instead, give your four-legged friend a treat made specifically for them, as this will always be your safest bet!

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