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The answer is yes! Dogs can eat sesame seeds, and they provide fiber, calcium and vitamin E, among other nutrients says Dr. Jessica Taylor, vice president of veterinary medicine at Petfolk. Just be sure your dog isn’t getting too much of these nutrients from his daily food and his treat of sesame. Too many sesame seeds can cause vomiting or diarrhea in dogs, she warns.

To see if your dog likes and tolerates sesame seeds, Dr. Taylor suggests feeding a small amount and then waiting 48 hours to see how your dog’s body reacts. For picky eaters, sprinkling a few sesame seeds over food may add interest, says Dr. Taylor. Think of them as a supplement. She also recommends asking your vet before adding any new foods to your dog’s diet.

If your dog is a picky eater, try sprinkling some sesame seeds on his food. Only feed dogs sesame seeds as a small treat as too much can cause stomach upset. ©Lauren Katims

Can dogs have sesame oil?

Yes, sesame oil is safe for dogs in small amounts only (see serving suggestion below) to avoid weight gain and stomach upset. It is not a nutritional requirement, but does add calories to your dog’s diet.

Can dogs eat tahini?

Almost all dogs love peanut butter. For those who don’t or peanut butter upsets their stomachs, try

feeding a small amount of tahini. Like peanut butter, tahini is high in fat and cholesterol, Dr. Taylor warns, so it should be fed sparingly. High fat foods add calories and lead to weight gain, which increases the risk for arthritis and other diseases, she adds.

Tahini is a Middle Eastern condiment paste made from sesame seeds with a consistency that’s softer than peanut butter. It’s one of the main ingredients in hummus.

How much sesame can dogs eat?

“Because sesame oil and tahini both add calories and can lead to stomach upset, limit the amounts to ½ teaspoon for small dogs under 25 pounds and 1 teaspoon for pets over 25 pounds,” says Dr. Taylor. However, she emphasizes there is no research that backs these numbers because neither food is nutritionally required.

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