Cash App’s Bob Lee Was Part of SF Drug, Party Scene Before Death: WSJ

  • Cash App founder Bob Lee was part of an underground sex, drug, and party scene for years prior to his death, WSJ reported. 
  • Friends and coworkers of Lee spoke to the Journal about the late tech executive’s life.
  • The report also provides new possible connections between Lee and his alleged killer, Nima Momeni.

Cash App founder Bob Lee, who was killed in San Francisco in April, reportedly spent years participating in “The Lifestyle,” an underground party scene known for recreational drugs and casual sex in San Francisco. 

The Wall Street Journal reported Lee’s involvement in the scene Sunday, citing conversations with several of the tech executive’s friends and colleagues who described his actions in the days and weeks leading up to his death. The report also shed further light on the possible ties between Lee and his accused killer, tech consultant Nima Momeni.  

A toxicology report released earlier this month showed Lee had several substances in his system at the time of his death, including alcohol, cocaine, and ketamine. Momeni’s attorney referred to the finding as “the Walgreens of recreational drugs,” and implied the toxicology report would be relevant to Momeni’s defense, Insider previously reported.

Aspects of Lee’s final hours before he was fatally stabbed have been described in court records, including allegations from prosecutors that Lee spent part of the day with a group of friends that included Momeni’s sister, Khazar Momeni.

Prosecutors have also said the attack was “planned and deliberate,” and the Journal provides new allegations from Lee’s friends who claim the Cash App founder was involved in an affair with Momeni’s sister.

The Journal further reported that Lee had a relationship with at least one other woman who Momeni previously dated, further extending the connection between the two beyond what has been reported by prosecutors.

Lee’s wife, Krista Lee, told the Journal that although they were separated, the two were close and she was unaware of why he would be described by others as a “party boy,” noting at most she thought he may have been microdosing ketamine to treat depression.

Friends and coworkers told the Journal that while Lee was intelligent and serious about his work, he also enjoyed partying and took drugs while attending raves across the globe. 

Prior to Momeni’s arrest, some, including Twitter owner Elon Musk, used the news of Lee’s murder to criticize what they saw as a rise in violent crime in San Francisco, which district attorney Brooke Jenkins called “reckless and irresponsible.”

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