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Headphones or earbuds? It will depend on your budget and the audio experience that you desire to have. Headphones give better noise cancellation, higher coverage area, and pleasant sound. Earphones are less expensive and more portable; you can casually put earphones in your purse or pocket, while earbuds attract too much attention when used. You can choose over-ear headphones or earbuds according to the price points.


Over-Ear Headphones Vs. Earbuds: What Is The Difference?

There is a strong perception among the majority of people that headphones and earbuds are absolutely equal, while in reality they have some significant dissimilarities. The clearest distinction is that headsets are used on the outside of the ear, whereas buds – in it.


The sizes of earbuds and headphones are different. Earbuds are portable, compact, and lightweight. Alternatively, headphones are typically large and cumbersome. However, some models have become smaller and smaller over time.


The price difference between headphones and earbuds is influenced by several factors. This is mostly caused by the fact that headphones typically use bigger drivers than earbuds— an item that comes at a premium price. Since they tend to incorporate bigger elements and have more feature demands, headphones are usually costlier than earbuds. In addition, regarding headphones and earbuds, there is a relationship between the number of specifications in them and their price. This could happen because raising the merit goods needed by manufacturers drives up product prices.

Sound Quality


Phiaton 900 Legacy headphones


The sound quality is one of the main differences between earbuds and headphones. The sound quality of earbuds is, in general, lower than that of headphones due to the fact their drivers are smaller. Headphones with bigger drivers deliver better sound accuracy. For this reason, headphones usually provide better overall sound quality and bass response than earbuds.


Comfort is another relevant difference between headphones and earbuds. As earbuds are lightweight and convenient, they can be used for long periods without much discomfort. On the other hand, headphones may be very massive and heavy which might turn into discomfort after long use.


Prefer Over-Ear Headphones if…



You need to have the best audio quality.
If you are looking for the most immersive and best quality sound possible, then investing in high-quality headphones is clearly a better spend of your money. Wireless headphones—particularly over-ear ones with larger drivers are far more capable of filling your ear cavities with a quality sound that is full and loud, thereby bringing out all the small but important details in any favorite song you choose.

You require a long-lasting battery.
Generally, large headphones have longer battery life. Many of the best headphones will do more than a full day, whereas most wireless earbuds last you up to five or six hours on just one charge. The extra life that is provided by your earphone charging case with a duration of ten to twenty hours shrinks this gap in battery life. But when it comes to playing uninterrupted music, headphones usually last a lot longer than their smaller relatives.

You’re looking for noise cancellation.
Earbuds with electronic “active” noise cancellation may be equally as effective as over-ear headphones. However, many find that over-ear headphones provide a greater barrier against external noise. Alternatively, they rely less on seals than in-ear headphones. Passive isolation is this achievable in the design itself.

You Should Get Earbuds If…


You’re looking for something small and portable. 
It may seem apparent, but go for wireless earphones if you want something as lightweight and portable as possible. If you want to keep your headphones, you’ll probably need to put them in a bag. Earbuds, on the other hand, usually come in tiny charging cases that are a little larger than a box of mints.

You work out regularly.
As concerns their size and understatement, wireless earphones make perfect training partners. They will not block your way whether you are working out with weights or running.

You need both performance and cost-effectiveness.
Comparatively, true wireless earbuds cost less in terms of performance as compared to the typical headphones that are wireless.

Given that the decision to use headsets or earbuds is very personal, a few important aspects need to be mentioned before making your final choice. Earbuds are cheaper, more portable, and effective for exercise than canned headphones. Headphones are definitely the best alternative when it comes to more money since they offer superior sound quality, noise cancellation, and extended battery longevity.

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