Concerns Over Investment-Bank Internships and Analyst Programs

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Today, we’ve got stories on a brokerage that wants trading on Wall Street to be more transparent, a club for the ultra-rich focused on anti-aging, and the countries to move to if you want to be happy.

But before we get started, First Citizens BancShares has agreed to buy Silicon Valley Bank, according to a statement from the FDIC. The deal includes the purchase of about $72 billion of Silicon Valley Bridge Bank assets at a discount of $16.5 billion. Read more on the deal here

Now, let’s check on the youngsters.

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1. Think of the children!

Like a small rock dropping in a serene pond, the past month has taught us that what might seem like an isolated incident can end up impacting a much larger area. 

Some of the ripples from the fall of Silicon Valley Bank have felt particularly significant (Credit Suisse bankers nod ominously). But sometimes it’s the under-the-radar stuff that ends up causing the most damage.

Insider’s Emmalyse Brownstein has a fascinating story on the impact to a group of people you probably haven’t thought of, but should: college students.

Whether it’s soon-to-be grads awaiting their start date as first-year analysts or students who lined up a summer internships, many of these aspiring investment bankers are feeling pretty uneasy about their current situation.

Emmalyse has all the deets on how this group is feeling and how some are scrambling to set up back-up plans.

I’m sure some of you are reading this with your eyes thoroughly rolled in the back of your head. You’re questioning why you should care about how some 20-something-year-olds might need to work at their parents’ country club this summer instead of the internship they had lined up. 

Since you might not care about them, I’ll make this about you. It’s important to remember that investment banking is an ecosystem. Work flows from MDs to VPs to associates to analysts to interns. Any disruption in that chain, like any ecosystem, can have some costly affects.

Don’t believe me? Oh, how soon we all forget. Let me take you back to 2021. Dealmaking is booming, but some junior bankers are starting to feelt burnt out and under appreciated. Many start calling it quits.

The junior banker shortage got so bad that some senior bankers had to (*gasps*) actually do some actual work. Some banks had to even break a cardinal rule of Wall Street: Turn away business. 

I realize the current market environment feels light years away from the dealmaking heydays of 2021, but life moves fast in this business.

So before you dismiss college student’s concerns as trivial, realize that could be the rock dropping in your pond. 

Click here to read more about how college students are feeling on edge about their upcoming Wall Street jobs and internships.

In other news:


Girls wearing flower garlands celebrate the summer solstice during the Seurasaari open-air museum’s Midsummer Eve festival in Helsinki, Finland.

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2. This startup wants to bring more transparency to Wall Street. Proof Trading was built with the mindset that brokerages should tell their clients exactly how they handle their trades instead of keeping those decisions under lock and key. More on Proof’s philosophy from cofounder Allison Bishop, who also does some stand-up comedy on the side.

3. Inside a club for the ultra-rich who want to live forever. R360’s bar for admission is high — a $100 million net-worth minimum — but the perks include access to scientific approaches to anti-aging. More on the quest of the wealthy to be forever young.

4. Retirement on a budget. Freaking out about how much you have saved up for retirement? Worried you’re going to be working until the day you die? Don’t sweat it. You don’t necessarily need seven-figures in assets to call it quits, per The Wall Street Journal. Check out these 5 retirees living with less than $1 million in savings and investments.

5. Forget Kendall, Roman, and Shiv, we’ve got real-life succession drama on Wall Street. Beleaguered bank First Republic took a page right out of HBO’s “Succession.” The firm had its own internal crisis over who would take over for founder Jim Herbet in early 2022, the Financial Times reports. More here.

6. A couple is not pleased with how JPMorgan handled their safe deposit boxes (yes, safe deposit boxes are still a thing). The couple accused the bank of selling some of their valuables stored in the boxes after the bank didn’t receive rent for them, per a complaint. More on how much they claim the jewelry that was sold was worth.

7. Be a homeowner, they said. It’ll be a great investment, they said. A new report suggests the gap between a monthly mortgage and rental payments is the widest it has been since right before the housing crisis. (As a renter, please allow us this tiny victory.) Here’s a breakdown on the premium that homeowners are paying compared to renters.

8. Your commute to the airport might be getting a lot easier. United Airlines, in partnership with an electric aircraft manufacturer, has plans for air taxi routes from Chicago and New York’s city centers to airports. Check out the pics here.

9. Start your day the air-fryer way. We’ve got five breakfast recipes (along with photos) using an air fryer, if that’s your type of thing. And for the one person left in the US that doesn’t have one yet, check out our recommendations for six air fryers worth the counter space.

10. Move to these countries if you want to be happy. The annual World Happiness Report is out, which includes ranking the top-10 happiest countries. The US didn’t crack the top 10 (it ended up 15th), but the list is worth checking out. 

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