Cottage Style Kitchen Design

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Feeling nostalgic? I think we’ve all been there. Where we yearn for that particular style in our own homes that we remember so fondly from years back. Whether it was baking cookies in your grandmother’s kitchen when you were younger or celebrating holidays away from your family’s more contemporary aesthetic, cottage-style design is all about evoking the past. It’s about drawing inspiration from old memories and getting in touch with what we might miss. 

And a lot of people might get confused at first. They might see a cottage style kitchen and mistake it for a farmhouse. And while they might share key characteristics, cottage style design leans into the nostalgic and comfortability of the home versus farmhouse which draws accents from industrialism, a cooler and sharp look that will contrast most cottage style homes and especially kitchens. 

Bringing cottage style design into your home, and especially your kitchen, means getting in touch with rural and coastal inspirations. The very definition of cottage means a small, cozy home so one of its key characteristics is making the most of less, the most of your space. It’s about feeling relaxed and allowing visitors to feel welcome and invited. It thrives in its simplistic approach. And when we talk about simplistic…or relaxed…or inviting, it’s impossible to begin without discussing color and material selection. Cottage style design is achieved with light, airy colors where whites, soft pastels, and light neutrals dominate the palette. These colors help to open your space while creating the background to accentuate natural and vintage materials. Getting in touch with the past is as easy as incorporating vintage or distressed cabinetry, beadboard paneling, and open shelving. While a worn and weathered look might not be everyone’s cup of tea, utilizing a vintage look makes your kitchen look lived in; where some might perceive a flaw, it’s actually a story and piece of your home’s history. And what better way to build towards your cottage style feel than with natural materials. Wood and stone are your best friends, with options scaling from wooden countertops to farmhouse sinks, and stone backsplashes that can add depth, texture, character and authenticity to the aesthetic in your living space. 

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At this point, you might be thinking to yourself: vintage cabinetry…worn material…and natural material… How do we bring this space to life? How we create that cozy, relaxing, inviting atmosphere? 

Express the cottage style’s personality through fun and charming prints and patterns, primarily floral which can be introduced through curtains, upholstery, or even dishes and tableware, dishes which can easily be showcased with the incorporation of open shelving. If you’re looking to create a floral scape which is more animated, consider bringing more life to your kitchen with fresh flowers or herbs. And for those without a green thumb, anything from vintage artwork such as framed botanical prints on the walls, woven baskets to cottage-inspired dinnerware are all opportunities to bring the cottage-flair to your kitchen. 

While cottage style design might not be for everyone, primarily homeowners who might want a more clean-looking or modern look and feel, what cottage style design can offer to some is a blast from the past. A trip down memory road where you create a space that feels welcoming to all of your friends and family, one where you can create memories of your own. 



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