Crosby Studios uses kitchen equipment to create jewellery store interior

A faux industrial kitchen and yellow camping furniture feature in this store in Berlin by Crosby Studios for jewellery brand Avgvst.

The studio put the space together from scratch using repurposed furniture and fittings including office blinds, camping chairs and kitchen equipment.

Grey storefront
The store’s colour scheme is dominated by grey, silver and yellow

The space is situated on the ground floor of a 19th-century building and retains a conventional glazed shop front. In contrast, the interior aims to distance itself from traditional jewellery stores.

“The main idea was to create a new sense of retail in a non-traditional commercial way,” Crosby Studios told Dezeen.

Store interior with stainless steel furniture and yellow sink
Cookers, storage and washing stations have become jewellery display cases

The store draws on the concept of a dark kitchen, a fast food outlet that provides food for deliveries and takeaways but doesn’t have a dedicated area for in-house dining.

“We purchased all the steel appliances and shelving from the kitchen supply store in Berlin,” the studio said. “We needed sturdy stainless shelves with sliding drawers, which is why we decided to repurpose restaurant equipment.”

Store interior with stainless steel furniture and yellow sink
Splashes of yellow animate the store’s interior

The interior scheme is unified by its use of yellow paint, which is Avgvst‘s signature brand colour.

Yellow details at the front of the store include a kitchen sink, a rinsing tap with a coiled arm and numerous small display stands for jewellery.

The back of the space features yellow storage cabinets, curtains and foldable furniture, as well as yellow and green flowers and plants that soften the space’s industrial feel.

“Yellow is associated with gold, which is reflected in Avgvst’s jewellery,” the studio said.

Store interior with stainless steel furniture and yellow sink
Yellow details are picked out in display stands, seating, signage and wiring

Aside from the dominant use of yellow, other features include the space’s original exposed brick walls and wooden door lintels that have been lined with slats from repurposed office blinds.

Foldable camping tables, chairs and stools are set up as permanent furniture to add to the interior’s playful atmosphere.

Store interior with stainless steel furniture and yellow sink
Yellow flowers and green foliage soften the industrial aesthetic of the shop

Jewellery has been laid out on top of stainless steel equipment in the spots once dedicated to food preparation, replacing ingredients and dishes with high-end jewellery.

To celebrate the store’s opening, Avgvst designed a range of pieces that mimic the shape of knives, forks and spoons.

Store interior with stainless steel furniture and yellow sink
The tattoo studio is situated towards the back of the space

As well as a jewellery shop, the space houses a tattoo studio and a garden area.

“The tattoo studio works as a pop-up space for the artists, whose style and aesthetics we like,” the studio said.

“They make their own tattoos, as well as the flash sets inspired by the designs of our jewellery. The garden will host yoga classes, meditation sessions and pop-up dinners.”

Other retail design projects published on Dezeen include a clothing boutique in Shanghai that incorporates oversized buttons and an Aesop store in London piled high with sage green books.

The photography is courtesy of Crosby Studios.

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