Daniel Boddam converts Sydney warehouse into plant-filled office

Local firm Daniel Boddam Studio has transformed a warehouse in Australia into a workplace for landscape design practice Wyer & Co, bringing nature into the space by using greenery and natural materials.

“I saw the project as an extension of Wyer & Co’s desire to bring in nature,” said Daniel Boddam, founder of Daniel Boddam Studio.

“Sustainability was discussed with the client from the outset and informed every aspect of the design – from materials and furniture to services and staff amenities.”

Wyer & Co by Daniel Boddam Studio
Green plants at the front door soften the red brick and black steel of the industrial warehouse

Large green plants at the entrance were used to conceal the building’s oversized dark steel doors, with the aim of reducing the scale and softening the red brick industrial warehouse.

A sandblasted limestone floor was extended from the building’s exterior to the interior to connect the spaces.

At the front foyer, a large miniature date palm (Phoenic roebelenii) reaches towards the skylight above, reflecting the tone of the entrance garden.

Wyer & Co by Daniel Boddam Studio
Locally designed and crafted furniture was selected by the studio

Behind the foyer is a gallery used for client presentations, industry events, talks and workshops. A series of bespoke, honey-coloured plywood cabinets decorate the space and showcase materials the studio uses in its work.

Throughout the office, workstations and meeting rooms were clad in various natural materials. Pine plywood, Tasmanian oak, walnut and sandblasted limestone create a warm palette that has been subtly embellished with cork and brass.

Wyer & Co by Daniel Boddam Studio
The office interiors features a variety of natural materials

Downstairs, an underground staff area holds plywood lockers and a kitchen space, and was designed to encourage staff to gather and socialise away from their desks.

Swiss cheese plants (Monstera deliciosa) were selected as the main indoor plant and used to trail the walls and ceilings to create a green environment over time.

Custom pots made with milled steel and finished in a clear powder coat nod to the industrial origin of the warehouse.

Daniel Boddam Studio also curated a series of locally designed and crafted furniture for the workspace, including its low-lying Booham chair and the Wave sofa and armchair in the welcome foyer that nod to the coastal location of the office.

A meeting room opposite the foyer features the studio’s Geo Long table, accompanied by a custom-designed cabinet.

Wyer & Co by Daniel Boddam Studio
Materials used in the client’s work are displayed on plywood cabinets

“The result is a quiet and considered interior that harmonises with the Australian landscape and celebrates the artisanal; a testament to simplicity, comfort, calmness and wellbeing,” Boddam concluded.

This project was longlisted in the small workspace interiors category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Elsewhere in Australia, Dane Taylor Design has completed a multipurpose garden room in New South Wales with a compact form clad in charred wood, while Matt Gibson Architecture + Design has transformed a Victorian home in Melbourne’s suburbs with a faceted extension clad in black metal.

The photography is by Pablo Veiga.

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