Egypt Sherrod Spills Her 4 Tips to Find the Perfect Home Fragrance

Home fragrances have the ability to transform any space into a lively tropical oasis or a grounding abode, which is why it’s so important to find the perfect one that fits your lifestyle and design aesthetic.

Luckily, Egypt Sherrod, HGTV personality and interior designer, is here to help get you started. She teamed up with Air Wick and on their newest home fragrance collection to help others find a long-lasting scent that will personalize their space.

“Develop a sense of home based upon your authentic self,” Sherrod tells The Spruce.

The collection offers a selection of exclusive floral bouquets inspired by Air Wick’s signature home fragrances, which are paired with a complimentary Air Wick scented oil and the advanced plug-in or essential mist refill and diffuser. You won’t have to say goodbye to the lovely floral notes around your home even after your bouquet’s withered away.

We spoke to Sherrod about her best tips for finding the perfect home fragrance and how to effectively use it around the house, so you can create a home you love stepping into every day.

Find What’s Right for You

When it comes to home fragrances, Sherrod emphasizes the importance of finding a scent that makes you feel comfortable and joyous the moment you step inside your home. Whether it’s lavender for a calming mood or linen for a burst of freshness, look for notes that create the ambiance you look forward to when returning home from a long day.

Since everyone has different personal preferences, there are no hard-and-fast rules for what’s right or wrong, so explore your options until you land on one that makes sense for you, Sherrod encourages.

Go to a Flower Shop

If you’re unsure where and how to start finding your perfect signature home fragrance, Sherrod suggests going to your local flower shop to figure out which ones hold the scent you feel the most connected to.

“Go into a store, lift different ones up to smell, and create combinations that make you feel really good,” Sherrod says.

Another option Sherrod recommends is going to to look through the various pre-made bouquets to gain some inspiration or make a customized one out of the flowers you loved in the store. It’ll be delivered right to your home and you’ll be able to get a feel for it before making any fragrance purchases.

Create an Experience

Choosing a home fragrance should always be an intentional process where you can invoke certain emotions or create an experience for yourself or others that feels memorable.

As a real estate broker and interior designer, Sherrod has always told her agents to go bake some cookies or boil a mixed pot of cinnamon and orange before they do open houses to create a cozy and warm atmosphere for the guests.

“When someone’s touring a home, they’re not just touring with their eyes, they’re touring with all of their senses,” Sherrod says. “The sense of smell really heightens the experience.”

This also applies to the specific rooms you have in your home—for example, a home office or laundry room. If you want to create a lively space, opt for lemongrass or minty notes for a home office, so you feel more energized.

Choose Designated Areas

Depending on the size of your space, where you place a diffuser or plug-in can make all the difference in enhancing its notes throughout your home or making an impression when you have guests come over.

Sherrod personally loves using a plug-in behind her front door, so it’s the first thing you smell right when you walk into her home. It’s hardly noticeable and creates a pleasant impression for anyone including herself.

Try to stay away from placing plug-ins near curtains or big pieces of furniture because it may block the airflow where the scent is being dispersed. Aim for open areas where it can seamlessly blend in.

If you’re using a diffuser, style it in the center of a coffee table with other accessories like books or decor accents to tie the look together.

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