Eight closed staircases in tactile materials and sculptural shapes

For our latest lookbook, we’ve gathered eight stylish closed staircases, ranging from a winding wooden spiral staircase to a light-filled “stairway to heaven”.

Closed staircases – stairs that have been framed so that the threads and risers aren’t visible from the side – have become a popular search term on Dezeen’s Pinterest board.

While they create heavier volumes in a room, when done well closed staircases can add a monumental, almost sculptural feel to an interior.

In the eight examples below, architects and interior designers used the style in different creative ways to turn staircases into statement pieces made from materials including steel, patterned wood and micro cement.

This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen’s archive. For more inspiration, see previous lookbooks featuring “bookshelf-wealth” interiors, living spaces with metal furniture and interiors punctuated by structural columns.

Plywood spiral staircase in Barn at the Ahof by Julia van Beuningen
Photo by Alex Baxter

Barn at the Ahof, the Netherlands, by Julia van Beuningen

Architectural designer Julia van Beuningen created a spiral staircase made from plywood for this barn conversion in the Netherlands. The beautifully patterned staircase sits at the heart of the floorplan and contrasts against the barn‘s rough-hewn wooden beams and pillars.

“It’s something you either love or hate, but it’s definitely a statement,” Van Beuningen told Dezeen.

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Staircase in Indian home
Photo by Gokul Rao Kadam

Clermont House, India, by FADD Studio

This apartment inside a high-rise development in Bangalore comprises two flats that were fused, with an expressive closed staircase connecting them.

“It has a sculptural feel with the addition of multiple curves, carved into each riser’s deep red marble,” the studio said of the staircase, which was covered in white micro cement that has a soft sheen finish.

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Matryoshka house by Shift Au
Photo is by Noortje Knulst

Matryoshka House, the Netherlands, by Shift Architecture Urbanism

A steel-clad volume encases an electric-blue staircase and runs along the side of the living space in this Dutch house that has been converted into two apartments.

The volume conceals a toilet, storage space and kitchen equipment, creating a clean and simple kitchen interior to which the colour adds a playful feel.

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Staircase in French home
Photo is by Pierce Scourfield

Paris apartment, France, by Johanna Amatoury

Gently curved plaster forms in soft white hues define this Parisian apartment, including the staircase in its entryway.

Interior designer Johanna Amatoury aimed to create a holiday-house feel in the home, which was designed as an homage to the architectural vernacular of Greek islands.

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Austin Proper Hotel
Photo by The Ingalls

Austin Proper Hotel, USA, by Kelly Wearstler

Interior designer Kelly Wearstler gave the Austin Proper Hotel in Texas her signature bohemian touch, as seen on the closed staircase she created as an eye-catching centrepiece.

Wearstler chose to work with white oak wood to create the striking staircase, which has a ziggurat design that lets it function as a display case for a collection of glazed earthenware pots and vases.

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Nithurst Farm by Adam Richards in England, UK
Photo by Brotherton Lock

Nithurst Farm, UK, by Adam Richards

Described as a “stairway to heaven”, British architect Adam Richards created this staircase based on one in the film A Matter of Life and Death, in which a pilot gets a second chance at life after a crash.

It ends by facing a full-height window, creating a striking light effect that makes the staircase live up to its name.

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Workhome-Playhome by Lagado Architects
Photo courtesy of Rubén Dario Kleimeer and Lagado Architects

Workhome-Playhome, The Netherlands, by Lagado Architects

This townhouse in Rotterdam was revamped by its owners, the founders of studio Lagado Architects, to create more versatile living spaces.

Called Workhome-Playhome, the home has a closed staircase in an eye-catching baby-blue colour that matches other touches of colour in the house, including its bright green kitchen chairs.

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Spiral staircase in Tommy Rand house in Denmark

Tommy Rand House, Denmark, by Tommy Rand

Perhaps the most monumental of the staircases in this roundup, the spiral staircase designed by architect Tommy Rand for his own house in Denmark was constructed from 630 pieces of CNC-cut plywood.

“It is very beautiful from all angles,” said Rand. “It is like a snail house, which opens up more and more as you go up to the first floor.”

This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen’s archive. For more inspiration, see previous lookbooks featuring “bookshelf-wealth” interiors, living spaces with metal furniture and interiors punctuated by structural columns.

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