Eight living spaces with industrial Crittal-style windows

Industrial-looking living spaces with Crittal-style windows and doors are the focus of this lookbook, which includes an apartment in Israel and a rural Chinese house.

Crittal-style windows and doors are characterised by their gridded metal frames, traditionally made of steel with a bold black finish.

They are modelled on the iconic Crittal windows by ironmonger Francis Henry Crittall, which were developed in the late-19th century and became a feature in many art deco and modernist buildings.

Today they are seeing a resurgence in popularity, with their clean graphic lines bringing an industrial quality to contemporary homes around the world.

This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen’s archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks featuring striking accent walls, stylish bookshelves and tranquil sunken baths.

Crittal-style window inside Ghost House by BPN Architects
Photo is by Felix Mooneeram

Ghost House, UK, by BPN Architects

This double-height Crittall-style window doubles as the wall to an open-plan living and dining room in an industrial concrete house in Warwickshire, England.

It is one of several steel-framed windows that enclose the home, which was designed by BPN Architects to have an “ethereal presence” – leading to it being named Ghost House.

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Interior of Tel Aviv apartment by Maayan Zusman and Amir Navon
Photo is by 181

Tel Aviv apartment, Israel, by Maayan Zusman and Amir Navon

Interior designer Maayan Zusman and architect Amir Navon opted for gridded black window frames when renovating this apartment in Tel Aviv.

Complemented by other delicate black furnishings, the windows form part of a wider design strategy that centred on creating an interior that felt “airy yet framed”.

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Crittal-style windows inside the Returning Hut in China
Photo is by Wu Yong-Chang

Returning Hut, China, by Xu Fu-Min

The Returning Hut is a two-storey home just outside the city of Xiamen in China, designed by Xu Fu-Min to offer their client a peaceful retreat where they can connect with nature.

Among its key features is an open living room with a giant wall of glazing. Lined with gridded metal frames, it slides open to create a seamless connection to the garden

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Ditton Hill House by Surman Weston in Surbiton
Photo is by Johan Dehlin

Ditton Hill House, UK, by Surman Weston

Surman Weston honoured its “client’s love for all things industrial” when creating the Ditton Hill House, a London residence with an exposed steel frame that nods to mock-Tudor homes nearby.

This steel framework enabled the studio to create spacious, column-free interiors, such as this open-plan living area. Here, Crittal-style windows overlook the garden and are paired with exposed steel floor decks for a warehouse-like aesthetic.

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Crittal-style windows inside Little Peek by Berman Horn Studio
Photo is by Greta Rybus

Little Peak, USA, by Berman Horn Studio

Black gridded windows and doors puncture the facade of Little Peak, a holiday home that the founders of Berman Horn Studio, Maria Berman and Brad Horn, built themselves on an island in Maine.

According to the duo, they were chosen for their industrial look and to help “bring focus onto the textures and colours of the stone, huckleberry, bay and lichen that surround the house”.

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Interior of Burnt House by Will Gamble Architects
Photo is by Ståle Eriksen

Burnt House, UK, by Will Gamble Architects

These Crittal-style windows and doors help to create a minimalist aesthetic for the Burnt House, a residential extension that Will Gamble Architects has modelled on a Japanese tea house.

They are intended to evoke a shoji screen and were complemented by a large window seat finished in blackened wood that sits up against the glazing.

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Interior of Binh Thuan House
Photo is by Trieu Chien

Binh Thuan House, Vietnam, by MIA Design Studio

MIA Design Studio used white gridded frames on the sliding doors at the Binh Thuan House in Vietnam.

The steel frames were complemented by its industrial all-white structure, which is modular and designed for easy modification or expansion in the future.

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Harrison Residence by Jeffrey Dungan
Photo is by William Abranowicz

Harrison Residence, USA, by Jeffrey Dungan Architects

These black Crittal-style windows form the focal point of the living space at the Harrison Residence, a home in Florida designed by Jeffrey Dungan Architects.

Framing the surrounding tall trees, the windows help bring colour into the otherwise monochrome interior, which features black shelving and a coffee table, and white walls and sofas.

Find out more about Harrison Residence ›

This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen’s archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks featuring striking stylish bookshelves and tranquil sunken baths.

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