Entrepreneur Uses ChatGPT to Earn 7 Figures With 6 Income Streams

  • Chase Dimond is an e-commerce specialist with six different income streams.
  • He works approximately 30 hours per week and is on track to earn seven figures this year.
  • Here’s how Dimond manages his income and time without burning out.

In high school, Chase Dimond was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease which caused him to lose out on a whole year of school as he struggled to cope. 

That experience motivated him to join a nonprofit aimed at finding cures for the disease through which he met many successful entrepreneurs. Dimond said they not only mentored him, but they inspired him to consider a similar future for himself. Before he graduated, Dimond even tried his hand at launching a t-shirt company. 

In college, Dimond channeled his gumption into working five different jobs to help his parents pay tuition. After graduating, he landed a job at an education technology company where he earned a salary just shy of six figures. Determined to hit the $100,000-a-year benchmark, he began taking consulting gigs on the side to supplement his income. 

In retrospect, Dimond said the adversity he faced in his earlier years helped him land where he is today— living as one of the millionaire class. 

Dimond’s total revenue last year was just over a million dollars. (He told Insider that it’s the first time he’s shared that figure publicly.)

But how he earned the money might be more interesting — or even instructive. 

Dimond said he generates income across six different income streams: an e-commerce marketing agency, a series of digital courses, email newsletters, virtual events, social media channels, and consulting. 

How he manages it all

Dimond said he manages all his income streams without burning out. 

“I used to literally live on calls,” Dimond said. In years past, Dimond said he would take six or eight calls a day which left him working nights and weekends just to manage his workload. 

“Now that I have a family, that’s just not something that I’m willing to do.”

These days, as the father of a newborn, Dimond said he works approximately six hours a day, and doesn’t take more than two calls in that period.  

Dimond said he’s able to work so efficiently because he relies on a host of productivity and AI tools. 

He said whenever he has something to say to a client — or even show them— he uses an asynchronous workplace tool called Bubbles that allows him to send video messages. Both parties can respond whenever they have time, which helps create an asynchronous back and forth without having to hop on Zoom. 

“When I’m on the treadmill at 10 o’clock at night after my kids have gone to bed I might respond to a Bubbles message then,” Dimond said. “Calls that should be emails are emails, calls that need to happen, happen, and other than that I use Bubbles.” 

Dimond said he also relies on Fireflies.ai or Otter.ai to “attend” meetings for him and transcribe notes. Dimond said that Fireflies.ai is especially useful in sifting out the main points of a meeting and creating “Sparknotes version” that he can skim when he has time. He uses the paid version of ChatGPT to find inspiration for his social media posts.

Dimond’s other tip: Don’t overextend yourself by trying to be good at everything, focus on spreading your strengths across multiple arenas. 

“In all the business I do I have the same role,” Dimond said. “I’m really good at content. I’m really good at testing. I’m really good at marketing. I’m really good at copywriting.” He’s “really bad” at finance, accounting, contracts, and hiring, he said.

Here’s a closer look at his income streams: 


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