EPOS (Sennheiser) Headsets Buyer’s Guide


Sennheiser is a really well known brand founded in 1945 in a farmhouse close to Hanover, Germany. This brought to life one of the best and most successful audio specialist brand on the market. Some of their products had been on the eye spot of everyone in plain sight like for example at night clubs and concerts. DJs for example are on the need to get the best sound quality as their job is to be focused on their track while making the mix for the venue and in need of the best microphone sound quality that can block the annoying feedback while on the job and the best performance while on a concert to give the best sound quality without compromise from the microphones so all the lyrics can be understandable when in use.



sennheiser d 10 (d10) phone wireless headset *discontinued* viewThis opened a new opportunity for Sennheiser to offer their lineup, not just for this kind of duty, but in telecommunications as well. On 2023, they started a new venture with Demant, the world-leading hearing healthcare group and created Sennheiser Communications.  They created their line of corded and wireless headsets for different devices such as desk phones, computers and Bluetooth enable devices. Offering the same rich sound quality of a professional concert headset and with asennheiser hsl10 lifter *discontinued* view powerful noise canceling microphone that will let the other end of a call to understand every single word coming out from the user. One of the most classic wireless headsets from Sennheiser will be the Sennheiser D10 wireless system, and the Sennheiser HSL10 lifter.



On 2020, Sennheiser Communications decided to make the evolution and turned into EPOS. With this new step forward, now EPOS, a well known gaming brand headsets in the industry, offering the best sound quality for users while on-line, plus the best performanceepos impact d10 ii phone wireless headset view on microphones on their headsets while on use. This means real time communication over IP to end users. Thanks to this venture now EPOS can offer 2 different approaches on their products, the Enterprise Solutions division and the Gaming business segment. One of the newest headsets form this new evolution can be considered the new EPOS Impact D10 II Phone Wireless System, this being the second generation of the well known wireless headset from Sennheiser, fully compatible with any desk phone and offering the stunning range of up to 500 feet of line of sight, which can be translated on a 200-250 feet on a regular size office.

Thanks to this new version of wireless headset, the lifter from Sennheiser was improved as well with the new EPOS HSL10 II lifter, that is fully compatible with any EPOS (Sennheiser included) wireless headsets and with any desk phone with a corded receiver (handset). The lifter will pick up the handset for you when you press the “answer/End” button on the headset and this will open the channel between your desk phone and your EPOS wireless headset.

For more advanced desk phones with the built in Electronic Hook Switch capability (EHS), sennheiser cehs-po 01 ehs cable for polycom ip phones viewEPOS offers their line of EHS adapters and depending on the brand and model of desk phone you will need either the EPOS CEHS-PO adapter, if your phone is a Polycom desk phone or if you have a Cisco 8900 series desk phone you will need the EPOS CEHS-CIsennheiser cehs-ci 04 ehs cable cisco 8941 8945 phones view adapter. Finding the proper remote answer for your desk phone can be a little overwhelming, if you encounter a speedbump or when in doubt which solution to order, is always advised to call and speak with an expert for this matter.

Thanks to its advanced studies and being a pioneering in audio technology, EPOS brought to the table its newest lineup for Enterprise solutions, offering the best sound quality for multiple devices. The best example for this new wireless headset systems would be the new SDW 5015 Convertible Dual Connection headset. This unit allows the user to have their desk phone and their computer into one single wireless headset. The design of the headset is one of the most compact sized n the market and allows the user to wear it either over the head, over the ear or behind the neck. The headset offers a range of up to 590 feet on line of sight and it comes with the well known EPOS sound quality coming from the earcup.

Por people looking for the best sound quality on stereo output for more devices, EPOS offers the EPOS SDW 5066 Binaural Triple Connection headset. This unit allows the user to get their SDW headset in desk phone conversations, computer meetings or webinars and enjoy amazing music sound quality from the Bluetooth enable device as a smart phone or tablet. The bigger earcups from the headset makes a terrific job on offering great sound quality and blocking most of the outdoor noises, so the user can focus all their attention on the calls, webinars or meetings. With an easy to use interface that allows to choose which device to be engaged in and fully compatible with all the remote answer adapters from EPOS, such as HSL lifters and EHS adapters.


The latest technology available from EPOS, we have BrainAdapt™. This technology is a mix of EPOS technologies that work together to help improve the performance of the EPOS products when in use. For reference, this technology had helped the Aston Martin Formula One team to win laps. It provides less fatigue when in use, for the same reason the user will get a better decision making process and improved performance when on calls.

This technology can be found in all the EPOs family headsets, going from the SC corded headsets on their QD or USB version, going thru the Impact wireless headset family to every single one of the Adapt corded and wireless headsets for the computer. These kind of the headsets are highly recommended for remote workers looking for the best sound quality without compromise on a call.

The best example here would be the EPOS Adapt 660 UC Bluetooth Headset, this epos sennheiser adapt 660 uc bluetooth headset usb-a, ms teams viewparticular unit is a boom less microphone technology headset, compatible with any computer and with mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. Adapt 600 comes Adaptive Active Noise Canceling (ANC), that helps the user to stay on focus and thanks to EPOS AI™ which is a learning machine that helps to track only the users voice for the most crystal clear calls and tanks to the developed algorithms helps to pick up the voice on its 3 advanced microphones.  Thanks to its included audio cable (2.5mm to 3.5mm), the Adapt 660 can be used as a corded headset in airplanes, making it an amazing solution for road warriors when they can’t use their wireless headsets while on a flight.

You Should Know: Selecting a EPOS headset, consider –

– Are you in the need of a corded or wireless solution?

– Are you looking for a desk phone, computer or both?

– What wearing style prefer to handle call on your headset?

– Do you do sound mixing/editing and in need of the best sound quality?

– How long you keep your headset on for calls and leisure?


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