FDA designs playful colour-block interiors for Hotel Haway

Italian architecture office FDA has updated several guest rooms and suites at the family-friendly Hotel Haway on Italy‘s Adriatic coast, introducing bespoke furniture in colours that evoke the sea and mountains.

Fiorini D’Amico Architetti (FDA) was tasked with modernising the interiors of the 50-room hotel in Martinsicuro, a popular seaside resort in the Abruzzo region.

Bunk beds inside Hotel Haway in Martinsicuro
FDA has updated the 1980s interiors of Hotel Haway

The first phase of the project involved refreshing rooms on the fifth floor of the 1980s building to make them more appealing for all sorts of families.

“The main goal we wanted to achieve with the design of the new rooms was to create a unique space where guests can discover a new way of feeling at home,” said Alessio Fiorini, who founded FDA together with fellow architect Roberto D’Amico.

View from bed to balcony and bathroom inside guest room of Italian hotel by Fiorini D'Amico Architetti (FDA)
The studio brought in colours of the nearby sea

“The spaces emphasise the importance of being together, the joy of sharing happy moments and the refreshment that comes from a sense of community,” he added.

The architects sought to inject a sense of creativity and surprise into the rooms by incorporating colourful bespoke elements such as bed frames, bunk beds and built-in furniture.

Small desk and wardrobe inside guest room of Hotel Haway in Martinsicuro, Italy
Bespoke details include lozenge-shaped mirrors by Polvanesi

Hotel Haway has views of the sea as well as the nearby Apennines mountains, which led FDA to reference both of these features in its welcoming colour palette.

Colour blocking was used to create visual separation between different zones within the rooms, where walls, floors, ceilings and furniture are finished in shades of blue or green.

One of the custom-made elements in the sea-facing rooms is a double bed with a pull-out cot hidden underneath. A headboard that emerges from one side functions as a backrest so families can lounge together on the bed.

Some of the rooms feature bunk beds with curtains for privacy and guard rails incorporating playful tensioned bungee ropes in matching colours.

Other bespoke details include vertical lozenge-shaped mirrors fabricated by Polvanesi – an industrial carpentry workshop and regular FDA collaborator.

The lighting was designed to create different atmospheres throughout the day, with bright ambient lights for daytime play and more targeted task lighting for evening relaxation.

Bathroom and mirror inside hotel in Italy by Fiorini D'Amico Architetti (FDA)
Several of Hotel Haway’s rooms also feature a small desk

The en suite bathrooms are decorated with ceramic tiles featuring playful geometric patterns. High-quality fixtures and finishes including speckled Staron countertops bring these spaces up to modern standards.

According to FDA, the rest of the hotel is set to be refurbished in a similar style over the next four years. The project will include the ground floor areas including the lobby and breakfast room, as well as all outdoor spaces and two top-floor suites with private terraces.

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The photography is by Carlo Oriente.

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