Flying Semi-Private Carrier JSX From Burbank to Phoenix; Flight Review

This means customers do not face the same hassles as they do when flying on a commercial airline, like standing in long security queues or waiting for their boarding zone.


A TSA agent at LAX.

Brady MacDonald/Insider

Source: JSX

“The biggest difference between private and commercial flying is the ground experience,” JSX CEO Alex Wilcox told Insider. “People don’t want to take off their shoes or walk a mile to get on an airplane.”

Inside JSX jet.

Inside a JSX Embraer jet.


Currently, JSX primarily flies around the West Coast, focusing on places like southern California, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. But, it has been expanding east, launching routes to cities in Texas, Florida, Colorado, and New York.

JSX route map.

JSX also flies to Mexico during the winter.


Source: JSX

My journey started at Hollywood Burbank Airport, which is located about 28 miles north of Los Angeles International Airport.

Hollywood Burbank Airport

Hollywood Burbank Airport in Burbank, California.

AaronP:Bauer/Griffin/GC Images/Getty

But, instead of going to the main departures lobby, I headed to JSX’s private terminal on the south end of the airport.

Outside the JSX private terminal with JSX branding.

Flying on JSX from Burbank to Phoenix.

Taylor Rains/Insider

I opted for a bellini, though there was also water, tea, coffee, soda, beer, wine, and liquor available.

The orange Bellini on a tray table on JSX.

Flying on JSX from Burbank to Phoenix.

Taylor Rains/Insider

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