Former Trump Aide Says Biden’s Team Should Be ‘Nervous’ Because Federal Prosecutors Are Like ‘Hunting Dogs’

  • A special counsel is investigating Biden’s handling of classified information. 
  • A former Trump aide said Biden’s team should be nervous because federal prosecutors are like “hunting dogs.”
  • “They don’t like trapping through the marsh without coming back with something in their mouth,” Sarah Isgur said. 

A DOJ aide under former president Donald Trump said that President Joe Bidens administration should be concerned about federal prosecutors investigating misplaced documents. 

Sarah Isgur told host of ABC’s ‘This Week” Martha Raddatz that federal prosecutors are like “hunting dogs.”

“They don’t like trapping through the marsh without coming back with something in their mouth. If I were the Biden team, I would be nervous,” Sarah Isgur said on Sunday. 

Isgur said Biden’s team is “clearly working overtime” to ensure they don’t “step over that obstruction line” and are making it clear that the DOJ and FBI search at his residence was consensual. 

Earlier this month, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate Biden and those in his circle for the mishandling of classified information from his time as vice president. 

In November, Biden’s team found 10 classified documents at Penn Biden Center, a DC think tank, and submitted them to the National Archive. The FBI determined that those documents had been mishandled and Garland began an investigation.

This came as Trump was also being investigated for mishandling classified documents and not turning them over to the National Archives. Soon after the discovery of the first batch of documents in Biden’s former private office, Garland announced he was appointing Special Counsel Jack Smith to oversee an investigation into Trump’s mishandling of classified records, a move that came only days after Trump announced his third presidential run.

In December, Biden’s team found more documents in the garage of his Delaware home. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that the documents were turned over to archivists as soon as they were discovered. 

“As soon as his lawyers realized these documents were there, they did the right thing,” Jean-Pierre said. 

On January 14, The New York Times reported that another batch of documents was also found in Biden’s home. At that point, a total of six pages of documents with classification markings had been found





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