Grove Co. Newest Limited-Edition Launch Is Giving Back

All of our favorite scents come from nature—the hediondilla that lights up the air after a monsoon in the desert; the oils that roses, gardenia, and jasmine flowers produce and lift into the wind; the smell of fresh cut grass in the summer. So it would only make sense for our perfumes to come from nature—and give back to it, too.

That’s precisely what Grove Co. is doing with their limited edition summer fragrance collection in partnership with The Nature Conservancy. Each product is under $15 and inspired by seasonal scents from the Alaskan rainforest.

“When Grove Collaborative asked The Nature Conservancy to build on our existing conservation partnership in Southeast Alaska, we were beyond excited to brainstorm ideas for scents that represent Southeast Alaska summertime,” Nikolaj Lasbo, Marketing Director for The Nature Conservancy’s Emerald Edge program, which is focused on supporting Indigenous-led conservation in the region, said in a press release.

“Cedar trees are an important cultural species for Indigenous Peoples from Alaska to the Pacific Northwest, and huckleberries have been an important food and medicine for millennia. By bringing these scents into their homes, I hope that Grove customers feel a sense of connection to this special place and to the people who care for the landscape.”

Lucy Leahy, the General Manager of Owned Brands at Grove Collaborative, said in a press release that the collaboration has been both fun and rewarding.

“More needs to be done to address the climate and plastic crisis and our hope is that this collection brings together beautiful design with reduced plastic alternatives to make it easy for consumers to make more sustainable choices—while also raising awareness about the critically important work being done by The Nature Conservancy and their partners,” Leahy said.

Ready-to-Use Hand Soap

Grove. Co

This hand soap comes in 7.5-ounce infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles with a reusable pump designed by Amy MacCready, a multidisciplinary digital artist. The soaps are aloe-infused, so they’ll leave your skin clean and soft.

Shoppers have two choices for scent: Coastal Cedar, which “smells like the misty Alaskan coastline,” and Summer Huckleberry, which “smells like tart, wild berries.” The best part? These hand soaps come in at just $4.49 each.

Ready-to-Use Dish Soap 

Grove Co.

You don’t need chemicals to clean your dishes. This $5.99 dish soap cleans dishes just as well, but you can feel good about it since it’s made with 98 percent plant-based ingredients.

The dish soap comes in 16 oz aluminum bottles with a reusable pump in Coastal Cedar.

Ready-to-Use Room Spray 

Grove Co.

 This room spray was designed with paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients, so you can feel good and make your space smell good. For just $9.99, these 8-ounce glass bottles with a pump come in both Coastal Cedar and Summer Huckleberry.

Laundry Detergent Sheets 

Grove Co.

It turns out, it’s pretty easy to fight tough stains without adding any waste. For $12.99, shoppers can get 32 pre-cut and pre-measured sheets in completely plastic-free kraft paper packaging. They come in both Coastal Cedar and Summer Huckleberry.

Swedish Dishcloths 

Grove Co.

These dishcloths come in a pack of two for $9.99 and can help replace the constant use of paper towels we all too often contribute to. Each dishcloth lasts up to six months and is made of cellulose and cotton. They’re versatile and convenient and, more than anything, they’re very cute.

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