Gua Sha For Puffy Eyes: How To Depuff Eyes

Do you notice yourself waking up with puffy and tired eyes even after a good night’s sleep? We know the feeling, and we’re here to help. The gua sha tool is a natural remedy that helps depuff the eye area to leave you looking refreshed. This ancient technique has been used for centuries to improve circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, resulting in a brighter, more youthful-looking appearance. Read on to find out how a gua sha tool can help reduce the look of puffiness under your eyes and watch a demonstration video below. 

Why Do I Have Puffy Eyes? | Gua Sha For Puffy Eyes: Does It Work? | How To Depuff Eyes: A Step-By-Step

Why Do I Have Puffy Eyes? Symptoms & Causes

Puffy eyes are a common issue for many people, regardless of age or skin type. This condition occurs when excess fluid accumulates in the tissues around the eye area, causing eyes to look puffy, baggy and worn out. While undereye puffiness is not normally associated with a serious medical issue, it can make you feel self-conscious. The only time undereye puffiness is a reason for concern is if you have any:

  • Vision changes
  • Pain around the eyes
  • Severe swelling around the eyes

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek medical attention right away. 

There are several factors that can contribute to the development of puffy undereyes. Here are some of the most common causes. 

Lack Of Sleep

One of the most common causes of undereye puffiness is not getting enough shuteye. When you’re tired, your body produces more of the stress hormone cortisol, which can cause fluid retention and inflammation. 


Eye puffiness may be a symptom of an allergic reaction or seasonal allergies. Exposure to dust, pet dander and pollen might trigger histamine reactions like watery eyes, itchiness and puffiness. 

Natural Aging

As we age, our skin matures and thins out, losing its elasticity due to a drop in collagen production. Our skin becomes more prone to sagging and developing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as creating a baggy or puffy look under the eye area. 


Genetics might cause your undereye area to naturally develop fat pads in the undereye area. Gravity is also a factor, helping fat slide to the lower eyelid and create an appearance of puffiness.

Lifestyle Factors

For some, a high salt intake or drinking alcohol can cause fluid retention around the area. If you’re a smoker, this can also lead to premature aging, causing sagginess in the skin including the eye area.

Now that you’ve identified what might be the cause of your puffy eyes, let’s find out how using a gua sha tool may reduce puffiness.

Gua Sha For Puffy Eyes: Does It Work?

Gua sha, a Chinese therapeutic method, includes scraping the skin with a gua sha tool. This smooth, multi-edged stone tool can be made from jade, rose quartz or other semi-precious materials. Using gentle pressure, gua sha tools can be used to massage the face and body to reduce muscle tension while improving relaxation and lymphatic flow throughout the body (moving fluids away from a tense area). Most importantly, you can use a gua sha tool on your undereye area to reduce puffiness and encourage a more youthful-looking appearance.

Most importantly, you can use a gua sha tool on your undereye area to reduce puffiness and encourage a more youthful-looking appearance.

So, how does the gua sha tool work to reduce undereye puffiness? 

Encourages Lymphatic Drainage

Using a gua sha tool encourages your lymphatic system to do what it does best: eliminate waste from the body. The gentle scraping of the tool encourages movement of lymphatic fluid away from your undereye, decreasing puffiness.

Improves Circulation 

When you use the gua sha tool, you’re also increasing blood flow to the skin. Increased blood flow helps to provide the skin with oxygen and nutrients, while also reducing inflammation and swelling.

Relaxes Facial Muscles

Tension in the facial muscles can contribute to undereye puffiness. The muscles around the eyes are interconnected with the muscles in the rest of the face. When facial muscles are tense, they affect the blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the area around the eyes. This can lead to a buildup of fluid and swelling, causing the appearance of undereye puffiness. By using the gua sha tool to gently massage the skin, you can help to relax these facial muscles and reduce the look of fatigue and puffiness. 

How To Depuff Eyes: A Step-By-Step

Here’s how to depuff tired-looking eyes with a gua sha tool:

Step 1

Wash your face, then apply a serum or facial oil to prepare your skin. This will minimize the pulling or tugging that can leave skin saggy and let the gua sha instrument pass smoothly over your skin.

Step 2

Slowly move the gua sha tool from the inner corner of your eye towards the temple, starting at the inner corner of your eye. Make sure not to press too firmly and to use gentle pressure.

Step 3

Repeat on the area under your eyes by moving the gua sha tool from the inner to the outer corner 5-10 times. This repeated movement will encourage lymphatic drainage and lessen puffiness.

Step 4

To further reduce puffiness after using the gua sha instrument, apply a cold compress or a cooled spoon to the region around your eyes.

You can also watch Lead Skin-Care Trainer Natalie Pergar as she walks you through a gua sha tutorial for undereye puffiness and provides product recommendations.

Best Products For Puffy Eyes

Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream

The Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream is designed to depuff tired-looking eyes, improve the look of dark circles and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hibiscus increases the appearance of elasticity in the skin while maintaining its moisture to keep the area looking supple. The inclusion of an ice wine active helps to tighten the look of the skin so it appears lifted and smooth. 

Lavender Night Eye Cream

This rich, nourishing eye cream contains lavender and evening primrose to provide soothing, aromatherapy benefits. A unique Argan Stem Cell Complex fights the appearance of crow’s feet and leaves skin looking radiant.

5 Other Tips To Depuff Eyes

In addition to gua sha, there are a few other strategies you can also use to lessen puffiness around your eyes:

Get enough rest: Sleep deprivation can result in fluid accumulation around the eyes, which can make them appear puffy.

Hydrate: Getting adequate water can aid in the removal of pollutants and the reduction of inflammation.

Apply a cold compress: A compress pressed to the region around your eyes will help reduce swelling and the look of puffiness.

Less salty food: Consuming salty food can make you puffy because too much salt can promote water retention.

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