Hedge Fund’s War for Engineering Talent Heats up Amid Growth

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Today, we’ve got stories on what the Wall Street CEOs are saying about the banking crisis, Goldman’s push to simplify options trading, and why the way you clean is totally wrong.

But first, I’m going to Miami

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1. Millennium’s big tech push.

Come for the sun, stay for the tech. 

Wall Street firms that made the migration to Florida are settling into their new digs, and one top hedge fund is already laying the foundation for what it hopes can become a pipeline of tech talent.

Insider’s Bianca Chan has a first look at Millennium Management’s new engineering training program for its Miami office. 

The program, which is run by former Goldman exec Olga Naumovich, lasts 12 to 18 months and gives younger engineers a chance to try their hand at different roles within the $58 billion hedge fund. The launch of the program comes as the war for tech talent in the area remains intense

Bianca spoke to Naumovich about the program, the type of technologists Millennium is looking for, and the firm’s broader tech ambitions in Miami.

Training programs like these — rival Citadel runs one targeted at engineers with a similar level of experience — give an interesting peak into hedge funds’ approach to wooing tech talent.

Interest in learning about finance, as opposed to having knowledge about the field, is usually prioritized. Participants typically get to rotate between teams to get a sense of the org and what they like. And, perhaps most important, a portion of the program is focused on working with non-tech people. 

The programs address some of the biggest complaints big banks’ tech workers often have. (More on that here.)

So as multi-strat hedge funds like Millennium evolve into the new-age banks, it’s interesting to see them try to not make the same mistakes as their predecessors.

Click here to read more about Millennium’s new training program for engineers in Miami.

In other news:

Jamie Dimon on a blue circle with a speech bubble

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2. Wall Street executives sound off on the banking crisis. JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon, BlackRock’s Larry Fink, Citigroup’s Jane Fraser, and Wells Fargo’s Charlie Scharf shared thoughts on the banking crisis during their respective earnings calls. Here’s a roundup of their most-pointed comments.

3. Options for dummies. Goldman Sachs just upgraded a tech tool on its Marquee platform aimed at making options trading easily understandable for its clients. Inside what a Goldman executive is pitching as an Amazon-like tool for options trading.

4. BlackRock is going shopping. The world’s largest money manager is open to making some deals in the wake of the banking crisis. More on what it might be looking for.

5. So you want to work at a hedge fund? Whether it’s Citadel, D.E. Shaw, or Point72, we’ve got the rundown on how to get your foot in the door at all the elite funds. From internships and training programs to tips on interview prep, check it all out here.

6. Jamie Dimon on the US economy. Despite all the chatter on the recent banking crisis, JPMorgan’s CEO still had thoughts on the state of the wider economy. Here’s how he’s feeling.

7. Goldman Sachs wants in on the AI chatbot action. The bank is considering spinning up its own version of the buzzy tool, Fortune reports. For more on how the bank is thinking through use cases for AI, here are three examples highlighted by its top tech exec.  

8. Some nips and tucks for the fellas. From fake abs to fat removal, these are all the hottest procedures among men these days, according to a Miami plastic surgeon. More here.

9. Don’t make these mistakes, or Mr. Clean will be disappointed. We mapped out all the common mistakes people make while cleaning. (Trust me; you’ve been making a lot them.) Read this and get your home in order. 

10. Trader Joe’s items so good, even a culinary judge approved of them. We had a food judge evaluate 14 of TJ’s top foods. Here’s how they stacked up.

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