High End Professional Cordless Phones for the Office or Home Use

Office cordless phones have been around for a long time. They provide a way for a secretary or other staff to answer a phone then proceed to locations around an office in order to get information or to prepare files for usage. As a means of communication, the cordless office phone simply cannot be beaten. Choosing an office phone that suits the need of your office isn’t as complicated as you would think. Most offices today rely on cordless phones and office conference phones with the best quality as a means of transferring calls to other departments and conducting meetings. It gives workers the freedom to continue working while still on the phone with a client. When choosing a cordless office phone system you have to consider which wireless office phone and wireless office headset is best for you. In order to narrow down the available options, you have to figure out what you need your phone to do for you.

What Features Do I Need?

In an office environment, it’s essential to have the best quality wireless headset and phone system that works to allow for freedom of movement throughout the office. Depending on the amount of departments you have, you are going to need more handsets to accommodate your staff. Generally speaking, you don’t want multiple departments sharing a single phone, even if they work in close proximity. This can lead to uncomfortable situations and tensions may run high if one department monopolizes the available handset and the other department is left wanting. To maximize productivity by minimizing cost, you should look at options that allows for multiple handsets or for handsets that can be added on the available ones. Another important point to note is the battery talk time. If your staff spends a lot of time making and receiving calls, then it is very likely that a phone with a short battery life will be of little use. Recently, cordless phones have come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity which is perfect to use with the best Bluetooth wireless headset for the office. This is a very useful features and further frees up your staff to operate by allowing them use of their hands while on the phone. All of these factors contribute towards choosing the best cordless phones for your office use.

The following constitute the best office phones currently available for offices:

EnGenius DuraFon PSL Pro Single Line Long Range Cordless Phone

EnGenius has been a leader in the phone industry for quite some time and this phoneengenius durafon psl pro single line long range cordless phone view shows that they have to offer to the commercial and office market. Providing a whopping twelve-floor range within buildings, up to three thousand acres on farmland and as much as two hundred and fifty thousand square feet coverage within a warehouse, the powerful antenna makes for a very useful system that can cover enough area to help you answer calls almost anywhere. This system comes with two DuraFon Handsets, which also can function as two-way radios and be registered with multiple bases. With six hours of talk time and as much as fifty hours on standby, this phone system demonstrates the things that great office phone systems are made of. The PSL system supports up to 90 handsets versus the old version of only 10. DuraFon PSL handsets have a distinctive green faceplate and are compatible with the DuraFon and Freestyl systems.

EnGenius FreeStyl2 Cordless Phone

EnGenius is a name that cordless phone operators have known and loved for years for it’s super long range. This is an entry level model and very affordable for the home office or small office market. It can cover 25,000 sq. feet or 10 acres of land or 6 floors of office Engenius Freestyl2building.  It also has all the features of a desk phone like speaker phone, caller ID, call on hold, mute, etc.  The EnGenius Freestyl2 is the perfect phone if you have a large ground to cover such as a large home or business.  In addition it’s affordable at the price of only $399 for the base and one handset. The Freestyl2 base is compatible with the DuraFon handsets and it supports up to 9 handsets paired to one base. Easy to use as its just a plug and play solution for your analog phone line.

EnGenius DuraFon Pro Industrial Cordless Phone System

The best system with the best range available, the DuraFon Pro system supports up to 4 independent analog phone lines, designed for people wanting the longest range and if have more than one line coming to their location, the DuraFon Pro supports up to 90engenius durafon pro industrial cordless phone system view handsets and each handset can be fully customizable with the base, meaning that you can make all the handsets ring when a call is coming in to all the lines or to a particular one and you can assign outgoing lines to all handsets or design each handset with independent phone lines. The handsets offers the walkie talkie feature, meaning that if for example handset 1 answered a call and the call need to be transferred to another handset, they can put the call on hold, then use the walkie talkie feature to ping the deigned handset and then transfer the call. The best ally for oil, gas companies as they require the range of their analog phone lines as they can’t use cell phones. Up to 12 floors of penetration in a building, and an amazing range of up to 250,000 sq. feet on a warehouse scenario. Handsets are fully compatible with Freestyl and PSL systems. Best way to recognize the DuraFon Pro system handsets is by their distinctive green faceplate.

Poly, formerly known as Plantronics offers a solution for people with home offices in need of a cordless phone, with the integration of the wireless headset CS540 and the TR-11 adapter, allows the user to use their wireless headset in their office with their existing analog phone. The CS540 will allow to answer calls by tapping the headset thanks to the joint work of the TR-11 adapter as this adapter works as an Electronic Hook Switch on your analog phone line! You will need to get a splitter and then if you have your cordless phone you would be able to walk around with the cordless phone and the wireless headset and answer, end calls and even make outgoing calls. The range of the CS540 headet is of 350 feet on line of sight so you can go thru walls without compromising sound quality.

All the previous offers will work with analog phone lines only, if you have VoIP and want a long range cordless solution here are the ones we recommend:

The Freestyl SIP is a long range solution for people with VoIP lines, this system comes with 2 handsets and supports up to 10 handsets. With a range of up to 25,000 sq. feet and offering customizable handsets with ring or vibrate options for incoming calls. Theengenius freestyl sip long range cordless phone w/2 handsets view well known walkie talkie feature can be found on the handsets and the base is wall mountable so can take less space on the desk. The handsets offer hot battery swappable when the call is on hold, 6 hours of talk time and up to 50 hours of standby time. Fast charging is a nice feature found on the handsets and each handset comes with its charger. The handsets offers Push-to-Talk feature for a more secure conversation while on a call.  The handsets come with belt clip, making it easy to carry around and the handsets are easily recognizable by the dark gray color on their casing, this handsets are not compatible with Analog Freestyl or DurFon systems.

EnGenius DuraFon-SIP Long Range Cordless Phone System

The DuraFon SIP system supports one VoIP line AND one analog line as well, making it an option for people who currently have an analog line and thinking on switching over to VoIP and in the need of a long range cordless solution. With its impressive range of up toengenius durafon-sip long range cordless phone system view 250,000 sq. feet in a warehouse floor plan, this system supports up to 10 handsets and they offer the walkie talkie feature and the Push-to-Talk versatility for a more secure conversation. The base offers MOTT (Music on Hold) input if you have your device, you can please incoming calls when you put them on hold. Offering hot battery swappable capability while the call is on hold. The handsets for this system are easily recognizable by having a purple faceplate. These handsets are not compatible with Analog Freestyl or DuraFon systems. Handset are built to last as they had been tested under the most strict practices.

Corded phone systems are quickly becoming a thing of the past as cordless phones slowly replace them. The added freedom of a cordless phone combined with its ease of use and ability to show up caller ID and display previously saved numbers makes them very handy as they serve as both a phone and an address book at the same time. Multiple tasks being performed by the same piece of hardware along with affordable quality wireless headsets is what birthed the modern smartphone revolution. We can only imagine what incorporating this mindset into the realm of office phones will produce in the near future.

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