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Whether you have a rambunctious puppy with muddy paws who’s laser-focused on shredding toys or a sedate senior with incontinence issues, dealing with major dog messes means constant cleanup. Having the right dog gadgets and products makes it easier to handle this never-ending task. 

1. Keep floors clean with dogs: Proper training can help

Working with your dog on basic house training from the get-go can go a long way in keeping your house clean and cut down on daily cleanup chores. All dogs need to understand there are no-go pee and poop zones indoors and be trained to go outdoors or use designated pee pads. Need to potty train your dog? Check out Dogster’s Potty Training 101.

2. Neutralize dog pee, poop and diarrhea stains and odors

Apart from inappropriate peeing, diarrhea and vomiting top the list of dog messes. The key to dog-related clean up is not only removing the stains, but also neutralizing the odors completely. Dogs have such great olfactory senses, they can smell odors that pet parents can’t and often return to mark these locations. Find products to clean and eliminate odors below or in our Pet Cleaning Products You Need for Living with Your Dog article.

3. Keep muddy paws clean

Muddy paws can be a daily problem. Wipe a dog’s feet after a rigorous playtime or an outdoor adventure. Even a walk in the park can bring dust and dirt inside. Use a damp paper towel or specially formulated paw wipes.

Here are a few ways to clean dog paws:

4. Set up no-go zones for your dog

Putting up dog gates is a great way to limit canine cleanup. Depending on the floor coverings in the home, dog gates can go a long way in maintaining a clean environment, especially carpeted areas.

5. Limit items your dog can shred and destroy

Empty trashcans or keep them covered. Put items away and out of your dog’s reach. If your dog is a shredder, limit stuffed items like throw cushions. Dogs left home alone are most likely to shred things as a result of loneliness and boredom. Investing in flat toys that are free of stuffing will also limit the mess.

6. Stop the dog hair everywhere

Good and regular grooming is the greatest defense to curbing loose dog hair all over the floors and furniture. Consider brushing your dog as quality time with household benefits.

House cleaning tips for dog owners

Have a dog cleanup kit at the ready; the sooner a household mess is tackled, the better.

  • Stock up on cleaning products such as Pet Renu Strong Odor Eliminator. It removes strong urine odor and urine stains from carpet, fabric and upholstery. Its bacterial cleaning formulation creates enzymes that continue working when you can no longer see any marks so that dogs are less likely to return to these spots.
  • For bigger messes such as poop and diarrhea, Sprinkle & Sweep, made from highly porous volcanic rock works to absorb the mess and odor. Cover the mess and then sweep it all away.

“Volcanic rock is one of the earth’s most absorbent byproduct materials and will absorb liquids exceeding 10 times its own weight,” explains Patrick Shannon, Sprinkle & Sweep’s marketing director. “Going ‘paperless’ is also a sustainable way to cut down on paper product usage around the home,” he adds.

  • A powerful cordless vacuum cleaner is easy to grab and use anywhere and everywhere.
  • For dogs of all ages left along for lengthy periods, a strategically placed absorbent pee pad, like these dog pads from Wizsmart, can go a long way in keeping floors clean.

Limiting household messes means you can spend more quality time playing with your dog.

Final tip for curbing pet messes: Don’t doggie shame for Instagram

We’ve all seen those photos and videos of dogs looking guilty and being berated by a pet parent after making a major mess in the home.

“Don’t do it,” says dog trainer Irith Bloom. “Dogs don’t understand punishment. And, if you take it too far, you could be setting your dog up for a behavioral issue resulting in more peeing or inappropriate pooping when punished.”

More mess to clean up!

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