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If you have dogs, an artificial lawn is a maintenance-free, water-saving option that guarantees a perennially green garden with no yellow doggie pee spots. It can also be used outside in the yard, on patios, balconies and even indoors as a clean and hygienic portable toilet.

Apart from an outdoor play area, there are many reasons to use artificial turf on a patio, balcony or as an indoor option.

  • It’s ideal for older dogs with mobility issues who struggle to go on walks or access a backyard.
  • Excellent option for dogs with special needs.
  • For apartment dwellers, it avoids unsafe, late night walks for pets to relieve themselves.
  • Excellent option for people who work long hours.
  • Allows nervous dogs more privacy.
  • It can be more economical that using disposable pee pads.
  • It’s more comfortable for pets to lounge on than a tiled or hardwood deck.

Because dogs can be very particular about their potty options, gives pet parents the option on using live sod in their specially designed bases to initially help a pet transition to using artificial turf.

“Artificial turf toilets, even with everyday use and regular cleaning, can last over a year whereas live sod lasts about a month with regular care,” explains Patricia Fox, who does PR for Porch Potty.

Artificial lawn toilets are available in different sizes. Some models even have a built-in automated rinse system. Apart from frequent rinsing, Patricia also recommends a daily spray of an enzymatic cleaner, such as TURFtastic, designed to destroy odor-causing bacteria.

Pick the right artificial grasses for dogs

As with natural grass, there is a variety of different types of artificial grass blades. When greening the entire backyard for play and perhaps even screening off an area as a canine elimination zone, some artificial turfs are more suitable for pets than others.

George Neagle President of Synlawn Global says a short-bladed turf makes it easier to pick up poop. All options however, are treated with an antimicrobial component to combat odors and bugs and have a plant-based backing so that there are no harmful chemicals making it safe for both pets and people. And, because it’s UV treated, artificial turf doesn’t radiate heat. Nevertheless, the company further highlights which products in its range are most pet-friendly.

For smaller areas such patios and balconies, ready-made artificial lawn rugs in various sizes can be purchased at Lowes nationwide.

synthetic lawn for dogs
Artificial grass for dogs from SYNLawn is UV treated, so it doesn’t radiate heat and hurt your dog. ©SYNLawn

How to train a puppy or adult dog to potty using artificial grass

Using an artificial turf toilet is not necessarily intuitive for dogs to use.

For example, dogs used to going for a walk on a leash to go potty, may need to be on a leash in their own backyard until they understand that here, they can go leash-free. The same strategy may initially apply to an indoor toilet, too.

Abby Yates, associate category manager, Waste Management at PetSafe, makers of the Pet Loo indoor toilet system, says, “the best method to train your pup is to place them on it when they normally might need to use the bathroom, such as first thing in the morning or after eating. It may take a few attempts, so patience, praise and treats are key to success.”

Here’s another big plus: Whether you’re using artificial turf indoors or outside, it guarantees no more muddy paws!

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