Isern Serra uses earthy material palette for Andrés Reisinger office

Spanish architecture and interior design studio Isern Serra kept to a material palette of concrete, quartz and stainless steel to create this pared-back office for Reisinger Studio

Located in the Poblenou neighbourhood in Barcelona, digital artist Andrés Reisinger‘s studio is surrounded by several other creative’s offices and is designed to reflect the artist’s minimalist, dreamlike style.

The ground floor of Andrés Reisinger's office
The Studio Reisinger office is designed to reflect the artist’s minimalist aesthetic

“The concept behind the interiors of my studio was to create a space that complements and doesn’t compete with the uplifting spirit of my work,” Reisinger told Dezeen.

“I wanted the studio to be like a canvas, with a kind of identity that I could play with,” he added. “The space is inspired by my work’s aesthetic, with seemingly surreal details amidst the light and bright studio.”

An office by Isern Serra
Isern Serra left its raw concrete pillars intact

Purchased as an empty shell, the Barcelona-based team decided to leave parts of the original space intact such as the concrete pillars while the ceiling was left exposed.

Natural tones and textures were introduced through paint and flooring to create an airy and monochromatic yet soothing feel.

A kitchen by Isern Serra
A stainless steel kitchen is on the ground floor

“First the colour and texture of the walls were chosen,” Isern Serra told Dezeen. “They are finished with a quartz-based paint in the form of a paste,” he added.

“A natural finishing of micro-cement for the flooring was chosen to have the same tone and textured effect,” Serra said.

A dining table inside Andrés Reisinger's office
A concrete table can be used for dining and working

The team then went about filling the space with office equipment and furnishings, paying close attention to sourcing locally made items that reflect the sculptural work of Reisinger Studio.

A large concrete table, which functions as a workspace and dining table was made on-site and stands in the middle of the studio.

It was produced in a hue that sits between millennial pink and beige – a colour that has become synonymous with Reisinger’s work. A similar shade can be seen throughtout Reisinger and architect Alba de la Fuente’s virtual residence Winter House.

Around the table is a set of chrome metal stools custom-made by designer Julia Esque that complement the stainless steel staircase which curls up the floor above.

Also in the area below the mezzanine, is a kitchen made entirely of stainless steel that features an integrated hydraulic push-to-open storage system.

An office interior by Isern Serra
A millennial pink colour palette was used throughout

On the upper floor, which is fronted by glass, Andrés Reisinger has a private office with a wooden desk for meetings. Plush pink seating here adds a touch of warmth. A separate shower and toilet are also situated on this floor.

“The goal was to create a space that would inspire, rather than distract, from the work being produced,” explained Reisinger.

“I imagined the studio as a blank canvas, a place where my team and I could come to experiment, evolve and grow our ideas and projects.”

The interior of an office by Isern Serra
The office has a separate meeting room

Argentinian designer Andrés Reisinger founded Reisinger Studio in 2018. The artist is best known for the Hortensia chair, a bulbous pink armchair made with CGI that went viral on Instagram.

He also made headlines for his collection of “impossible” virtual furniture, which sold for $450,000 at auction.

The photos are courtesy of Reisinger Studio.

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