Jabra Engage 55 series Wireless Headset Details and Review

Jabra is really well known and loved because of its Engage family headsets, as they are one of their top performers for Office environments as well for call center where a reliable, comfortable and secure headset is needed without compromising its battery talk time. Jabra has the Engage 65 for 2 connected devices and the Engage 75 for up to 5 connected devices and now its bringing to us the new for this year the new Jabra Engage 55, a new computer wireless USB headset and today we will review it in all different flavors available as today.

Jabra Engage 55 UC Convertible DECT USB-A Wireless PC Headset

We will start with the Engage 55 Convertible, this model is a single ear with a very discrete microphone boom arm, this is a true convertible style as the Engage 55 jabra engage 55 uc convertible dect usb-a wireless pc headset viewconvertible comes with the headband, the neckband and the ear hook, allowing you to change the way to wear it. This is a DECT headset with a range of up to 490 feet, thanks to the Jabra Link 400. The latter one a new and huge improvement on DECT wireless USB adapters, as its design is a new bendable adapter, with this you can leave the adapter plugged into the laptop or computer and avoid the most common accident on these kind of devices of breaking it. Offering up to 9 hours of talk time in a single charge. Built in Busy Light that allows the user to let people know when on a call. Totally compatible with all mayor soft phones applications such as Zoom or RingCentral as it is a Unified Communications certified (UC). Get yours HERE.

Jabra Engage 55 MS Convertible DECT USB-A Wireless Headset Teams

Jabra offers the Engage 55 in its MS version as well. Coming with it’s Jabra Link 400, the Engage 55 MS Convertible allows you to use it not just with all the soft phones available in the market plus Microsoft Teams, and for that particular reason you can launch Teamsjabra engage 55 ms convertible dect usb-a wireless headset teams view from the headset directly, no need to use the keyboard or mouse for that and specific missed call/message notification from Teams. Nose Canceling microphone with an Uni-Directional microphone, that tracks just the voice of the user and avoiding to catch the environment sounds. Easy to use volume controls in a very discrete and professional design. Fully PC or Mac compatible, and with the highest DECT encryption of 256-bit, one of the highest in military grade frequency. Same as the UC counterpart, the MS edition comes with its ear hook, headband and neckband as well, being another true convertible headset. Order yours HERE.

Jabra Engage 55 Mono DECT USB-A Wireless Computer Headset, Teams

Jabra offers another flavor of its Engage 55, this is the Engage 55 Mono style. With an over the head headband, a little longer microphone boom arm that allows you to swing jabra engage 55 mono dect usb-a wireless computer headset, teams viewthe arm boom up and down. The Uni-Directional microphone has Analog MEMS technology with Dual microphone that tracks only the user’s voice. Built in Busy Light is found as on the convertible style, the Engage 55 Mono gives you a healthy 13 hours of talk time in a single charge and with its 256-bit encryption, making it one of the most un hackable headsets in the market. The microphone meets the Premium Microphone for Open Office standard. Compatible with mayor soft phones in the market, plus in this MS variant Teams certified and with its dedicated Teams indicators plus the launch of the Teams application from the headset. Get yours HERE.

Jabra Engage 55 Mono UC DECT USB-A Computer Headset w/Stand

The Jabra 55 Mono UC DECT is compatible with all mayor softphone applications and virtually with any PC or Mac with a USB-A port. In this case, the headset comes with ajabra engage 55 mono uc dect usb-a computer headset w/stand view well designed and attractive stand, that allows the user to simply rest the headset on it and will get it fully charged, so no need to plug it to the USB cord. The Engage 55 Mono differs from the Convertible mainly on its design, plus the extra busy light that can be found on the tip of the boom arm, plus the mute key next to it. Thanks the Jabra Link 400 you get a range of up to 490 feet on a 256-bit encryption, so no need to worry about range and connectivity when walking thru rooms. Get yours HERE.

Jabra Engage 55 Mono DECT USB-A Computer Headset, Teams w/Stand

Jabra offers its Jabra Engage 65 Mono in Teams edition, and it comes with the stand allowing you to charge it just as the UC sibling by simply letting rest the headset on it.jabra engage 55 mono dect usb-a computer headset, teams w/stand view The talk time is of up to 13 hours on a single charge and comes with Jabra’s voice over USB technology, allowing to use it as a corded headset if you forgot the Jabra Link 400 at home or work. The Teams variant allows the user to launch Microsoft Teams by pressing a dedicated key, so no need to use the keyboard or mouse and it has a dedicated missing call/message light that let people know when they come back to the desk. Replaceable battery, and duo built in busy lights on the headset.  Get yours HERE.

Jabra Engage 55 Stereo DECT USB-A Wireless PC Headset Teams Cert

For those who wants the best sound quality in a rich and great experience, Jabra offers the Engage 55 Stereo. This unit, similar to the sibling Mono has an over the head design,jabra engage 55 stereo dect usb-a wireless pc headset teams cert view with same microphone boom arm with the same Uni-Directional microphone and with similar Built In Busy lights but covering both ears and thanks to its Jabra Link 400 with 256-bit encryption gives you up to 490 feet of range. Same as the other family members, voice over USB can be found, allowing to be used as corded USB headset without compromising the speakers or microphone performance. Comfortable and really light weight, being one of its best selling points, specially when considering covering both ears. Get yours HERE.

Jabra Engage 55 Stereo UC DECT USB-A Computer Headset w/Stand

The Jabra Engage 55 Stereo comes with its designed stand, allowing users to simply charge the headset by letting it rest on it. Compatible with mayor soft phone applicationsjabra engage 55 stereo uc dect usb-a computer headset w/stand view such as 8X8 or Zoom, with its rich stereo sound quality in a well and light designed headset covering both ears with comfortable leatherette ear cushions. Built in Busy Lights are found on the microphone boom arm side and with a mute key on the tip of the microphone boom arm. The Jabra Link 400 is included with its high encryption and its long range of up to 490 feet on line of sight. The engage 55 Stereo can be used for telecommunications or can be used as a headset for streaming or even video games on the PC or Mac! Get yours HERE.

The Jabra Link 400 comes in a interesting design, this flexible USB adapter differs from others thanks to its “Neck” that can bend without breaking it. Useful for people that move the computer around. Thanks to its new technology the Jabra Link 400 supports up to 3 Engage 55 headsets for conference mode or training purposes with an easy setup from Jabra Direct. All the Engage 55 headsets are fully compatible with the Jabra Engage 65 and 75, in order to do that the desk phone bases need to have the latest update in the firmware.


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