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Headsets and solutions form Jabra, formerly known as GN Netcom are one of the best solutions for the professional user in a work environment, and now they are taking the next steps on the new called Hybrid Working. This time we will analyze some of these and how to make the most of them and features.

Preface: Do you need the best performance on your corporate office, home office or on the road? Looking for the most lightweight, long lasting devices for your daily use? Getting the most comfortable and appropriate wearing style or use for your duties? If these questions are on your checklist, Jabra has you covered with their products and solutions for your needs.

Jabra offers a variety of solutions at different budget levels for different devices in a approachable and easy to use device: Jabra headsets. With the Jabra headset solutions, you can have a hands free conversation while on a call or online meeting, letting the user to focus on the call and have free hands when on the computer allowing to take the required notes or the steps to go and do the daily duties while on duty.

Design & Use: Jabra had been engineering their technology for over 150 years, considering this they had been improving every time on having a better quality and sound performance on their products and even adapting to the different paces that had been changing on the last few years. Their philosophy: Hej, (that’s ‘hi’ in Danish). We’re Jabra.

Jabra offers different headset solutions on different wearing styles that go from the Mono style with an over the head headband, to the Stereo covering both ears in a rich sound quality, to the convertible style for people wanting something just over one ear only to the ultra light earbuds for users wanting the best performance with a more discrete design when on the go.

Quick Disconnect: Jabra offers its Quick Disconnect (QD) option for corded headsets,jabra gn2125 noise canceling telecoil headset hearing impaired view designed for call centers to be used with users desk phones and/or computers as well, as its versatility let user to connect their Jabra corded headsets with noise canceling microphones to virtually any desk phone, computer, or both at the same time using the appropriate adapters or amplifier. The corded headsets from Jabra offers featuresjabra biz 2400 ii qd mono ultra-noise canceling unc 3-in-1 view like PeakStop™ technology on even the most basic headset that immediately removes harmful loud sounds before reaching the users speakers while using the headset. Jabra’s quick disconnect can be found on the entry Jabra Biz 1500 Mono headset thru the heavy duty light weight Biz 2300 Duo headset to the top of the chain, the upscale Biz 2400 II QD Mono Ultra-Noise Canceling headset.


Pricing: Jabra desk phone corded headset can be found on a reasonable and attractivejabra biz 1500 mono qd headset view price going from $65-$200, depending on the model andjabra gn2125 noise canceling telecoil headset hearing impaired view features included on the headset. This is an attractive point for mayor deployments on large call centers as most of the users will need a headset but keeping it on a conservative budget without the compromise of call quality for both ends. The entry level for this kind of solutions would be the really attractive Jabra Biz 1500 Mono QD headset, for users looking for a Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) headset, Jabra offers the GN2125 Noise Canceling Telecoil headset for Hearing Impaired with a really lightweight construction and leatherette ear cushions designed for all day use without the compromise of the hearing aids or the microphone when on a call.

Headsets that are Wireless: Jabra offers wireless headsets for your desk phone use at the office. These kind of wireless headsets let the users to roam around the office while on a call and thanks to its DECT wireless technology allows user to go from room to roomjabra pro 920 mono wireless headset system view without any interference even if they have multiple wireless headsets or cell phones close by. These devices allows the user to answer/end calls as long as they have the proper remote answer solution, that depending on the desk phone can be electronically or mechanical, mute the microphone and adjust the volume on the speaker only. If the user needs to dial a number, put a call on hold, transfer a call or select a phone line from a  multiple line selector on the desk phone, the user has to go back to the desk  and do it from the phone directly wearing the headset. The entry level wireless headset from Jabra can be found on the Jabra Pro 920 Mono, this would be Jabra’s work horse, with a light weight and designed to last without compromises.

Wireless vs. Bluetooth: Cell phones had been more and more in use lately, not only for personal use, but now for work related purposes and a lot of times people can confuse the use of a wireless headset versus a Bluetooth headset. These 2 are different frequencies and for the same reason the range of a Bluetooth headset for the cell phone would not be as great as a DECT headset for the desk phone. For the same reason Cell phone Bluetooth headsets have a lower price point when compared with wireless headsets for office desk phones. Thanks to being more portable to be used with a cell phone, Bluetooth headset comes on a more compact and portable design when putting side to side with a DECT wireless headset.

Headset style: The user needs to check the different wearing styles available to be used on a daily use. Of course there are going to be advantages and disadvantages on each case, which is something to consider on the long run. For example, if the user doesn’t want to mess with the hair with a smaller size headset with ear hook only will make the boom arm shorter and less noise canceling compared with a regular size bendable boom arm closer to the mouth for instance.

Multi-Connectivity function: Jabra offers corded and wireless solutions for multi connectivity on the office.Jabra engage This means a user can simply put one headset on and use it with more than 1 device at the same time, making it easy to switch from one device to the other seamless and without compromise of the well known Jabra’s Noise Canceling microphones. On the corded solution we can  get the Biz 1500 headset and the Jabra link 180 as an affordable corded solution to have a corded headset with the desk phone and the computer. On a wireless solution for the office space, the Engage 65 wireless headset would be the best solution for one wireless headset for the desk phone and computer with a comfortable wearing style.

Fully adjustable Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation™: Jabra offers its fullyjabra evolve2 75 uc stereo bluetooth headset usb-a view adjustable Advanced Active Noise jabra evolve2 85 uc stereo bluetooth usb-a headset w/stand viewcanceling feature that allows the user to block all the unwanted noises from the environment and allowing them to adjust it depending on the situation. This feature comes with Jabra’s well known HearThrough adjustment that allows the user to hear conversations with a face to face person even wearing the headset, thanks to their advanced chipset that can process faster while on these conditions. This feature can be found on the Jabra Evolve2 75, and the Jabra Evolve2 85 headsets.

Push-To-Talk corded solutions: Jabra offers Push-To-Talk (PTT) solutions for cordedjabra qd to 3.5mm push to talk (ptt) quick disconnect cable view headsets form Jabra. On the first case this would be on the shape of the Jabra QD to 3.5mm PTT. ThisJabra Biz 2300 USB GSA Mono PTT Headset, UC would allow a user to plug any corded Jabra QD headset to a 3.5mm jack phone as a cordless phone for example and being able to unmute the microphone at will by pressing the key located on this adapter. This solution can be used on mobile devices with the 3.5mm jack and any desk phone with the mentioned jack, letting the user to have a secure conversation similar to the one used on dispatch agencies. For computer based soft phones, Jabra offers their new Biz 2300 GSA PTT headsets. These models come preprogrammed to plug and play on the computer and the call/volume control will let the user to unmute the microphone by pressing it. The red light will let the user to know when the microphone is mute and turns green to let know the microphone is alive.

Smaller, Better and more comfortable than before: Jabra launched the second generation of its Evolve Buds as the Evolve2 Buds. With an improved and more jabra evolve2 buds usb-a bluetooth earset uc cert viewcomfortable design than before for all day use. Now the earbuds comes Jabra fully adjustable Active Noise Canceling, including the well known HearThrough technology in a small pocketsize UC certified ear buds. TheJabra EVOLVE2 Buds USB-A Bluetooth Earset UC Cert case now allows to transport the ear buds AND the USB Link 380 Dongle all together. A huge improvement versus the first generation is that now the user can wear either both buds for a stereo sound quality, the right one only or the left one only! This allows to start the day use for example with the left one and when battery gets low, simply take the right one out, put it on and then take off the left one and store it in the case to charge it, even in the middle of a call, without hanging up!

To know what is best for you, try out a few models practically in daytime conditions so you know their results. Adjusting the microphone should be easy. It is not important that only you hear your callers with clarity but your callers too must be able to have voice clarity when listening to you on the other side. Volume control arrangement is different in different models; so you would like to test that feature prior to actually purchasing it.

You Should Know: Selecting a Jabra headset, do this –

– Are you searching for a corded or wireless solution?

– Are you in the look for a desk phone, computer or both?

– What wearing style prefer to handle call on your headset?

– Is it a really loud environment where you are located?

– Are you always on the road and need something portable?

– How long you keep your headset on during all work day?



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