Japanese Airline Offers ‘All-You-Can-Fly’ Pass for Under $300: Report

  • A Japanese airline is offering an “all-you-can-fly” pass from Tokyo, Bloomberg reported.
  • People under 26 will be able to make unlimited trips in a 30-day period for under $300.
  • Star Flyer is looking to boost domestic travel after COVID-19 brought it to a halt, per Bloomberg.

Star Flyer, a Japanese domestic airline, is offering an “all-you-can-fly” pass from Tokyo for under $300, making commuting by air a new possibility for cash-strapped young people, Bloomberg reports.

The “Star Pass” costs 40,000 Japanese yen ($286.89) for those under 26, and allows them unlimited travel for a 30-day period, per Bloomberg. Older passengers need to pay 150,000 yen, the equivalent of $1,075.64.

The pass is primarily targeted at Japanese workers who would want to commute between Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and Kitakyushu, where the airline is based, which is 624 miles southwest of the capital, according to the media outlet.

Star Flyer operates five routes across Japan, though it is unclear if all of those routes are included in the pass.

According to Bloomberg, the flight passes are an effort to boost the airline’s business after COVID-19 saw domestic travel in Japan falter. It’s also likely an attempt to cash in on the rise of remote and hybrid working.

Star Flyer said it had 550 applicants, with it using a lottery system to select 90 people who could buy the passes, per Bloomberg.

Kaito Kuroiwa, 23, was one of the 90 selected. He told Bloomberg that he has already used his flight pass for five round trips and plans to take 10 more before mid-June.  It has enabled him to explore Kitakyushu and visit friends there, he said.

Star Flyer previously announced plans to offer a monthly subscription for some domestic flights, which would include rented accommodation. 

The planned subscription model, which was said to cost between 200,000 yen and 400,000 yen, or $1433 to $2,868 per month, would have offered flights between Fukuoka, a city in the south of Japan, and Tokyo.

The offer also included rented accommodation in and around Fukuoka, per Bloomberg’s reporting.

It’s unclear whether the planned subscription model went ahead.

Insider contacted Star Flyer for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

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