JJ16 apartment in Madrid features curves and colour blocking

Madrid studio Lucas y Hernández-Gil has completed a family home that makes the most of every inch, with details including a yellow storage wall, a corridor kitchen and a hidden closet.

JJ16 is a three-bedroom apartment in Madrid’s Salamanca district, but until recently it had been used as an office.

Kitchen with chrome counter in JJ16 apartment by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
JJ16 is a three-bedroom apartment for a family of four

Lucas y Hernández-Gil, a specialist in interior architecture, converted the property back into a residence for a family that includes a mother, three teenage children and their dog.

The challenge was not only to make it feel like a home again but also to create space for everyone’s personality within the 165 square-metre footprint.

Kitchen with chrome counter in JJ16 apartment by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
The kitchen occupies a corridor space between the entrance lobby and the living room

The designers achieved this by combining space-saving strategies with statement details, providing both functionality and character.

“Everyone had a clear idea of what they needed, which translated directly into the spaces,” said studio founders Cristina Domínguez Lucas and Fernando Hernández-Gil Ruano.

“Far from generating a conflict, different colours and materials give the house a richness, a harmonic heterogeneity,” they told Dezeen.

Pink, grey and chrome Kitchen in JJ16 apartment by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
The room is defined by shades of soft pink and grey

Optimising JJ16’s layout was crucial but difficult given the irregularity of the floor plan.

Lucas y Hernández-Gil’s strategy was to make every space, including the corridors, as useful as possible.

Utility area in corridor of JJ16 apartment by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
The utility area also occupies a corridor space

The kitchen now occupies a connecting space between the entrance lobby and the living room, freeing up space at the front of the apartment for a spacious main bedroom.

Meanwhile, the corridor leading to the main bathroom and the third bedroom incorporates a mini library and a utility area.

“The main challenge was the deep layout and long corridor,” said the architects.

“We provided circulation with content by creating spaces within it. This turned out to be one of the best design decisions of the project.”

Bedroom with curved wall in JJ16 apartment by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
A curved wall frames the main bedroom

Curved partitions create variety within JJ16’s layout. The largest of these separates the living room from the main bedroom, but other curves can be found in the second bedroom and a shower room.

Many spaces have their own colours, which contrast with the bright white tones that otherwise dominate the interior.

Bedroom with orange walk-in closet in JJ16 apartment by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
The third bedroom is a twin room with a hidden walk-in closet

The bright yellow bookshelf wall is the most striking, while the adjacent kitchen offers a two-tone effect with shades of soft pink and grey, and matt chrome finishes.

Bedrooms have a minimal feel, but they boast colourful dressing rooms and en-suites. Bright orange was chosen for the hidden walk-in closet, located in the twin third bedroom, while deep purple adds a luxury feel in the main bedroom.

Bedroom and en-suite with patterned floor tiles
Patterned tiles feature in the bathroom and en-suite areas

Floor surfaces provide more visual interest. Living spaces feature oak parquet, while bathrooms are all finished with patterned cement tiles.

This bold approach to colour and texture is a common feature in the work of Lucas y Hernández-Gil, whose other recent projects include the sunset-inspired Naked and Famous bar and the stylish Casa A12.

Bathroom with orange counter and chequered tiles
The main bathroom also features a curved shower room

“The approach to colour is a constant in our design process,” said Lucas and Hernández-Gil Ruano.

“It is about activating spaces and achieving a warm and joyful domestic atmosphere.”

The photography is by Jose Hevia.

Project credits

Architecture: Lucas y Hernández-Gil
Collaborators: Lucía Balboa, María Domínguez, Sara Urriza

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