Johannes Torpe Studio creates “hedonistic” Levi restaurant in Copenhagen

Danish design studio Johannes Torpe Studio added natural materials and metallic accents to the interior of Copenhagen restaurant Levi, which was informed by Italian and Japanese cuisine.

Designed by Johannes Torpe Studio in collaboration with restauranteur Copenhagen Consepts, The Levi restaurant was created as a tribute to Italian grappa distillery Romano Levi.

A restaurant interior with wood columns and beams, wood tables, green upholstered seating and oval metallic wall lights
Organically-shaped chrome wall lights create an accent wall

“Romano Levi was the inspiration behind the concept of creating the hedonistic atmosphere, which the restaurant invites to enjoy,” studio founder Johannes Torpe told Dezeen.

“We also used his drawings as a foundation and inspiration to create the logo, brand colours, menu and livery paper textures, as well as when choosing the tableware and cutlery.”

Restaurant bar with a green marble countertop, green bar stools and terrazzo flooring
The bar has a green marble countertop

Described by the studio as “daring and lively”, the interior design aims to create an indulgent setting that reflects the restaurant’s fusion menu.

Johannes Torpe Studio added a U-shaped bar at the entrance of the restaurant, which features a green marble counter topped with a polished stainless steel glass rack and conical uplights.

“We are very much in love with the classic Milanese restaurants, where the whole atmosphere is hedonistic, and everything starts in the bar with an aperitif,” Torpe said.

Custom-made chrome wall lights with organic shapes create an accent wall, designed to add a playful juxtaposition to the natural finish of the larch wood used for built-in furniture and to cover beams and columns.

Terrazzo flooring in shades of cream, green and deep green was arranged in geometric patterns to help define seating areas.

Restaurant interior with larch wood column, beams and table and green upholstered seating
Larch wood clads the beams and columns

“There is no doubt that the use of chrome elements on the bar, walls, tables, and chairs with wool fabrics is a sharp contrast to the plasterwork around the kitchen area, as well as the consecutively used deep brushed larch wood that is going through the whole restaurant,” said Torpe.

“The combination of these materials adds a warm and soft element that has Japanese as well as Danish design roots,” he added.

“We aspire to guests getting the feeling of being in a third space, a feeling of travelling, a break from everyday life and giving that immersive experience a great restaurant should do.”

Peach public bathroom interior with two freestanding sinks and circular mirrors
The bathroom was finished in peach colours

Alongside the restaurant, the bathrooms were finished in monochrome peach tones with strip lighting around the ceiling perimeter highlighting the ribbed surface of the walls.

Other restaurants completed in Copenhagen include a cosy Michelin-starred restaurant finished in dark earthy tones and an eatery with furnishings and fixtures made from Douglas fir wood.

The photography is by Alastair Philip Wiper.

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