Ken Jennings Zings George Santos After ‘Jeopardy’ Clue About GOP Rep.

  • “Jeopardy” host Ken Jennings zinged George Santos after the GOP Rep. was featured in a clue.
  • “I don’t get to say this very much but George Santos is correct,” he said during the episode.
  • Santos has been enmeshed in controversies over his personal and campaign finances.

“Jeopardy” host Ken Jennings on Wednesday roasted Republican Rep. George Santos of New York after the embattled lawmaker was the answer to a clue during a recent episode of the popular game show.

During the “Jeopardy! Masters” episode, which featured three previous champions, an $800 clue under the “Recent Events” category was read out to the contestants regarding a “N.Y. Rep.”

“Subheads in a piece on this N.Y. Rep.: ‘Lied about where he went to … college’; ‘Allegedly swindled a disabled vet whose dog was dying,'” Jennings stated.

“Who is George Santos?” contestant Mattea Roach correctly answered.

“I don’t get to say this very much but George Santos is correct,” Jennings said in a swipe at the Republican lawmaker.

While Santos eventually admitted that he had not attended Baruch College in New York, he brushed aside claims from a military veteran that he had taken $3,000 from a dying dog’s GoFundMe page.

In a January statement to Semafor, Santos denied the allegation about the veteran’s dog, calling it “fake.”

Shortly after the November 2022 midterms, when Santos won an open, highly competitive race in New York’s 3rd Congressional District, a stream of news reports — which were largely set off by a bombshell New York Times report — revealed that Santos had told numerous lies about his background during the campaign, which included fabrications related to his education, work history, and family background.

A slew of Republicans in his Nassau County-anchored district have called on Santos to resign, but he has refused to do so, and has even gone ahead with a 2024 reelection bid.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been pressed for months over Santos’ fate, but the California lawmaker has insisted that the the Ethics committee’s ongoing probe would determine whether the congressman had broken the law.

Earlier this month, federal prosecutors charged Santos with wire fraud, money laundering, and theft of public funds, part of a 13-count indictment. The congressman has pled not guilty.


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