Kriskadecor uses aluminium to create “warm and inviting” interiors

Promotion: metal-chain manufacturer Kriskadecor is challenging the perception of aluminium as a cold material with a series of projects where it is used to brighten an interior.

Kriskadecor has used its aluminium metal chains to adorn the interiors of public and residential buildings to create relaxing and welcoming spaces, ranging from bars to co-housing.

Office walkway lined with metal chains
Kriskadecor has used its aluminium chains to adorn a range of interiors. Photo by Lucía Gorostegui

According to the brand, using aluminium to create an inviting interior comes down to the shapes and colours with in the material is finished and paired.

For example, Kriskadecor specialises in versatile aluminium chains, designed to be used for everything from space dividers and wallcoverings to sculptural lighting and installations.

Madrid office interior
It also installed them in a co-working space in Madrid

“Despite being a metallic and seemingly cold material, aluminium can play a fundamental role in interior design when used strategically and in conjunction with other elements,” said Kriskadecor.

“To counteract this perceived coldness, at Kriskadecor, we play with two concepts: colour and shape,” it explained.

Kriskadecor metal chains at Ecla Paris Villejuif co-living residences
The brand is challenging the perception of aluminium as a cold material. Image by Petit Oiseau

According to the brand, its team of experts approaches “each project in a completely personalised manner” to ensure the products are used in the best way possible.

Key examples of interiors where Kriskadecor has installed its aluminium chains include the LATAM Airlines lounge in an airport in Chile designed by local studio Grupo Arquitectos. Here, the brand suspended a sculptural installation formed of three bronze-hued cylinders above the bar area.

Kriskadecor metal chains
They are suspended above a bar in a LATAM Airlines lounge. Photo by Aryeh Kornfeld

“Grupo Arquitectos conceived the design of the VIP lounge for LATAM Airlines at Santiago de Chile’s airport as a warm and inviting space where passengers could relax and have a more enjoyable journey,” said Kriskadecor.

“The floating effect of all the elements, in addition to the light reflecting on the chains, softens and provides a more pleasant and balanced ambience.”

In France, Kriskadecor contributed to “an atmosphere of wellbeing and serenity for students and young professionals” at the Ecla Paris Villejuif co-living residences by Studio Chantal Peyrat.

Colourful aluminium chains are used as part of a wider lighting scheme intended to “add dynamism” to the common areas and reception.

Meeting room lined with Kriskadecor metal chains
In the workspaces, they are used as privacy curtains. Photo by Lucía Gorostegui

Meanwhile, in Spain, a series of green-toned aluminium chain curtains have been used as more than decoration – lining the glass-enclosed meeting rooms of a coworking space in Madrid by local studio Ballarín Mendoza.

They are used to add privacy “without obstructing the visual field” while allowing light to enter, Krisakdecor said.

For more information on Kriskadecor and its aluminium chains, visit its website here.

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