Loewe ReCraft store in Osaka finds ways to let leather live on

Fashion brand Loewe has opened a store in Osaka that, for the first time, is specifically dedicated to the repair and preservation of its leather goods.

The opening of Loewe ReCraft continues the “obsessive focus” that the brand has had on leather since 1846, when it initially launched as a leather-making collective.

The store is set inside luxury department store Hankyu Umeda, and – thanks to the presence of an in-house artisan – is able to offer maintenance services ranging from re-painting and stitching to the replacement of handles and eyelets.

Loewe ReCraft store in Osaka preserves and repairs the brand's leather goods
The store is exclusively used to preserve and repair Loewe’s leather goods

“The launch [of the store] builds on Loewe’s ongoing commitment to the longevity of its handcrafted bags,” explained the brand. “It’s about the joy of craft beyond the new; it’s a commitment to breathing fresh life into long-cherished possessions.”

The store’s open facade allows for uninterrupted sightlines through to the interior, which has been decked out in natural tones and materials.

Dotted across the recycled-wood floor is a trio of chunky consultation islands, each clad with glossy emerald-green tiles sourced from Spain.

Loewe ReCraft store in Osaka preserves and repairs the brand's leather goods
Thread, cutting tools, and leather swatches lie behind a glass window

The longest of the three islands has a thickset countertop made from limestone and wood.

It features a series of inbuilt flat trays from which customers can select straps, charms or studs to customise their items. Monogramming services are also available.

A window in a tile-covered wall looks through to a small repair room that houses a sewing machine, various cutting tools, swatches of leather, and a rainbow of different threads.

Loewe ReCraft store in Osaka preserves and repairs the brand's leather goods
Loewe bag models with surplus-leather patches and pockets will be for sale in the store

Another tiled wall at the rear of the Loewe ReCraft store showcases bags crafted from leather left over from Loewe’s past collections, which customers can purchase.

Limited editions of the brand’s signature Basket bag are also available to buy, updated with patches and pockets made out of surplus leather.

As well as leather items, Loewe also makes clothing, accessories and pieces for the home.

Earlier this year the brand released a pair of trainers covered in shaggy green raffia, emulating the appearance of grass. It also collaborated with French metal artist Elie Hirsch to produce a series of bulbous pewter and copper jackets.

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