Look at What AI Created When Trying to Read a Person’s Mind

  • Researchers turned human brain waves into AI-generated pictures of what a person was seeing.
  • Their work is focused on decoding brain activity to understand a person’s thoughts. 
  • The experiment, published in November, included dozens of the reference images and the corresponding AI-generated interpretations.

Imagine you’re thinking of a goldfish.

Now, what if artificial intelligence could interpret what you’re thinking and turn that into an AI-generated image of a goldfish — or at least a pretty close version of it?

It may sound like something out of science-fiction, but a preprint study published in November tried to do exactly that, producing some fascinating AI-generated images in the process.

The images you’ll see below on the left show the reference image that was shown to participants in the study. The images on the right are what the AI generated after parsing the participants’ brain scans.

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