Paris duplex by Johanna Amatoury references Greek island architecture

Harnessing soft whites and gently curving plaster forms, interior designer Johanna Amatoury has brought a holiday-house feel to this apartment in the peaceful Paris suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine.

The duplex belongs to a couple who work in real estate and their three young children – a globetrotting family with a particular love for the Greek islands.

Exterior of Paris apartment by Johanna Amatoury
Interior designer Johanna Amatoury has renovated a Paris duplex

Amatoury designed their apartment as a homage to the region’s vernacular architecture.

“Because of their love for this part of the world, we arrived in this apartment and imagined a holiday house feeling, using warm and textural materials – very unlike typical Parisian apartments,” she told Dezeen.

“We worked with mineral materials, textures and raw colours in the apartment to provide depth and achieve the desired ambience.”

Hallway of Paris apartment
Curving plaster-covered surfaces feature heavily in the entryway

The design of the home was also shaped by its layout, arranged over the ground and first floors of a large 1980s building that opens onto a small garden.

This encouraged Amatoury to model the apartment on a single-family house.

View into living room of flat by Johanna Amatoury
The design draws on the vernacular architecture of the Greek islands

“We wanted to imagine it as a house, to create a more outside-in atmosphere, increasing all the size of the windows,” she said.

“The apartment is on the garden level, so my guideline was to open as much as possible to the outside and the planting there.”

Living room of Paris apartment
Violetta marble tables anchor the living room

The apartment’s whole floorplan was reworked in order to create a living room, dining room and kitchen that all look onto the gardens outside.

The staircase was relocated to a more logical location close to the entrance, while upstairs the space was completely reconfigured to create four bedroom suites.

Artwork hanging over console table inside Paris apartment by Johanna Amatoury
Artworks reflect the Grecian theme of the interior

As a homage to Greek island architecture, Amatoury used Roman plaster to soften the forms within the apartment, particularly in the entrance hall.

“We used warm, textural materials including lots of softly curving and tactile plaster finishes that give the space a sculptural look,” she said.

“Roman plaster is a very ancient technique that has a mineral appearance with a smooth, soft and slightly glossy finish, which catches the eye and dresses the wall through classic mineral colours while also embracing brighter nuances.”

In the kitchen, smoked walnut timber cabinetry is paired with splashbacks and worktops made of Navona travertine.

Set in an otherwise open-plan space, the area is enclosed in glazed panels.

“The family entertains a lot and cooks a lot, both the parents and the children,” Amatoury said. “As a result, it was necessary to be able to close off the kitchen while maintaining this visual openness.”

Kitchen of Paris apartment with glass partitions
The kitchen is enclosed by glazed partitions

Much like a window, the glazed panels feature curved grilles and are set on an oak base that creates a visual link with the built-in oak banquette upholstered in white boucle wool.

“We create a lot of benches because they’re so practical, incorporating storage chests, but most importantly for their cosy appeal,” Amatoury said. “Benches introduce a mix of fabrics and through these fabrics, the space becomes more welcoming.”

Dining area of Paris apartment by Johanna Amatoury
Amatoury fashioned an oak seating banquette for the dining area 

For Amatoury, the furniture edit was a balancing act between creating a “harmonious yet eclectic atmosphere” that blends sophistication and comfort.

Taking a central role is the curving sofa in the living room, which is upholstered in off-white linen and paired with monolithic Violetta marble tables.

Stairwell of Paris apartment
A staircase leads up to the second floor

“Its design not only provided a focal point but also added a touch of elegance and softness to the space,” she said.

“The curving shape offered a sense of flow and organic grace, enhancing the room’s visual appeal. The choice of off-white linen contributed to a serene ambience here, promoting a feeling of openness and lightness.”

Bedroom of apartment by Johanna Amatoury
The upper level houses four bedroom suites

Amatoury, who has worked on several residential and commercial interiors across Paris, says she was tasked with the project after the owners admired a home she had completed for friends of theirs.

“They liked our work and especially the warmth we bring to our projects, almost like a cocoon,” she said.

Other residential interiors in the French capital that have recently been featured on Dezeen include a loft apartment in a former textile workshop and a Haussmann-era flat that was restored to its “former glory”.

The photography is by Pierce Scourfield.

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