Plantronics/Poly Headset Serial Number & Date Code

How can I find the date code and serial number on Plantronics Headsets?

The Plantronics/Poly date code of your headset designates its date of manufacture, and it’s used to establish your warranty period. The date code is generally listed with your product’s model and part number, although this is not always the case.  The date code consist of one letter and one number (i.e J7). The serial number starts with the letter S/N: (i.e. S/N: AB0-000)

There are various locations where you can find the S/N and date code: It can vary greatly from model to model and the age of the headset. Here are some example locations.  You may have to look on all these locations to find it.

On the speaker (look on the inner part of the ear cup after removing the ear cushions):

User-added image

On the Headband (on the inner part)

Image of the serlial number location in the headband of the unit.

On the Microphone Boom Arm (inner part of the microphone)

Image of the serial number location on the microphone boom.

On USB headsets, you can also find it on the in-line control unit

User-added image

On the Wireless Adapters (USB dongle), the serial number is on the back of the adapter

User-added image

Wireless Headsets, the serial number is located on the bottom of the base

User-added image

On an amplifier base, the serial# is located on the back or bottom of the base.

User-added imageUser-added image

On a cable (if it’s there, not all cables with s/n), you can see in on a tag on the cable.

User-added image

See older Plantronics models and photo examples where to locate date code and serial number:

Plantronics H51
Supra ~ Plantronics H51, H61, H51N and H61NPolaris Models ~ Plantronics P51, P61, P51N and P61N
Plantronics H31StarSet ~ Models Plantronics H31 and H31N

Polaris Models ~ Plantronics P31 and P31N
Plantronics H41

Mirage ~ Models Plantronics H41 & H41N

Polaris Models ~ Plantronics P41

Plantronics H81 Plantronics Quick Disconnect

Tristar ~ On headset or QD ~ Models Plantronics H81 & H81N

Polaris Models ~ Plantronics P81 and P81N

Plantronics H141

DuoSet ~ Models Plantronics H141 & H141N

Polaris Models ~ Plantronics P141 and P141N

Plantronics H131N

Freehand ~ Models Plantronics H131N & H132N

Plantronics H171

DuoPro ~ Models Plantronics H151, H151N, H161, H161N, H171, H171N, H181 & H181N

Polaris Models ~ Plantronics P151, P151N, P161, P161N, P171, P171N, P181 & P181N

Plantronics H91
Encore ~ Models Plantronics H91, H91N, H101 & H101N
Polaris Models ~Plantronics P91, P91N, P101 & P101N
Plantronics H261N
SupraPlus ~ Models Plantronics H251, H251N, H261 & H261N
Polaris Models ~Plantronics P251, P251N, P261 & P261N
Plantronics H351
SupraPlus SL ~ Models Plantronics H351, H351N, H361 & H361N
Polaris Models ~ Plantronics P351, P351N, P361 & P361N

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