Productivity headsets for Apple iPhone 14, 15 , 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max, Test and Reviews

This year Apple launched new iPhones , and if you are as excited as I am about this. Your next question on mind is “Which headset should I get for my brand new iPhone that would allow me to make it more productive?” For this answer I took the liberty of analyzing a couple of headsets that can help on getting the more of your new iPhone. Main brands will be analyzing will be Poly (Plantronics), Jabra, EPOS (Sennheiser), and Shokz, well known brands , each with its unique technology and with the best active and passive noise canceling on productivity headsets.

Jabra EVOLVE 75 UC Stereo Bluetooth USB Headset w/charging stand

Jabra have done their homework with the EVOLVE 75, this headset has Active Noise canceling speakers, which eliminate the background noise for listening. microphone boom arm that can be clipped on the headband when you use it for music only. It has 100 ft. range using the USB Bluetooth dongle that comes with, amazingly it gives you up to 15 hours of battery life when fully charged after 3 hours. My favorite part of the EVOLVE 75 would be the docking station that comes with, making it easy to set up, plug, charge, and use with a very clean and neat style. Another benefit of the EVOLVE 75 would be the compatibility with most of soft phones and virtually compatible with any desktop, laptop either PC or Mac. You can read more about the Evolve 75 HERE


Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC USB-A Bluetooth Stereo w/Charging Stand

poly voyager focus 2 uc usb-a bluetooth stereo w/charging stand view

Poly, formerly known as Plantronics offers the second generation of its Focus headset now with a better noise canceling microphone technology known as Acoustic Fence that it consist of microphones facing the user and one to the outdoors with the main purpose of eliminating all the background noise like loud fans or leaf blowers. Coming with new f Advanced Digital Hybrid Active Noise Canceling (ANC) that can be graduated depending on the outdoor noise. The smart sensors on the headset allows to answer calls or pausing streaming like music by putting the headset on or off. The discrete microphone boom arm comes with muting feature that allows to mute the microphone by bringing it up and unmuting bringing it down and can be worn on either side.  Can be used virtually on any Windows or Mac computer, Poly Lens is available for both platforms. More details on the Voyager Focus 2 can be found HERE


Jabra Evolve2 Buds USB-A Bluetooth Earbuds MS Teams

Jabra just launched its second generation of their Earbuds with the latest technology from the Evolve2 family. The Jabra Evolve2 Earbuds offers an impressing talk time of up to 8 hours in a single charge before storing it back in the case to charge it again, giving a totaljabra evolve2 buds usb-a bluetooth earbuds ms teams view of up to 33 hours of talk time with one single charged case. The new improvement on the earbuds can be found on the design, being more comfortable than before, the new Active Noise Canceling feature that allows the user to block most of the noises around him/her by simply pressing one of the earbuds or by using the Jabra app on the cell phone or Jabra Direct on the computer. Hearthrough technology can be found, allowing the user to hear thru the earbuds and avoid to taking them off. Another Jabra EVOLVE2 Buds USB-A Bluetooth Earbuds MS Teamsimprovement found on the Evolve2 Buds is that the Link 380 Bluetooth adapter now goes inside the case, allowing to transport all together in one package and with that avoid loosing it, and now the user can choose if want to use either earbud or both without compromising performance, huge improvement from previous generation. Get yours HERE.


Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC Bluetooth Headset


Plantronics has the Voyager 5200 for the “Road Warriors”, people that are always on the move and they need a reliable and ergonomic headset. The Voyager 5200 has the WindSmart technology, that as its name says, clears the audio in the microphone in windy days. 7 hours of talk time is standard, or can get up to 9 days on standby. Best of this headset is the “whispered alerts” that gives you Caller ID when a call comes in, you can just say “answer” or “ignore” without taking your cell phone out of your pocket. Compatible with any laptop/desktop on Windows/Mac OS. Click HERE for more details on the Voyager 5200.


poly voyager 4310 uc bluetooth mono usb-a headset view

Poly offer the new Voyager 4310 UC as an affordable wireless headset with an extraordinary talk time. The 4310 covers one ear, designed with a comfortable paddled headband and with a big speaker with enough power to give a rich sound quality without compromise. The bendable microphone boom arm comes with the well know Acoustic Fence technology that works great specially if people are walking as it will block lousy noises of the background like wind, loud blenders or crying babies for people working from home. The 4310 headset is PC and Mac compatible thanks to its included BT700 dongle and the headset comes with voice over USB that allows to use the headset as a corded headset on the computer if the BT700 dongle is not on hand without compromising performance on the microphone on all the UC platforms in the market. To learn more of the Voyager 4310UC  click HERE


epos sennheiser adapt 660 uc bluetooth headset usb-a, ms teams view

Next on my list, EPOS give us the Adapt 660 UC with and amazing noise canceling microphone, Active Noise Canceling Ear Cups, with a battery time of up to 30 hours with one full charge and 15 days of battery on standby. Coming with it the USB dongle so can be used with your computer for soft phone applications. The comfortable ear cups are easily fold able for traveling and can be stowed away in its hard travel case, offering a 2 year warranty, making it a nice contender in my review, The Adapt 660 UC comes with a 3.5 mm cable so can be used by virtually any device with a headset jack. More features and details on the SEPOS Adapt 660 UC can be found HERE

Poly Voyager Free 60+ UC Earbuds Bluetooth Headset USB-Cpoly voyager free 60+ uc earbuds bluetooth headset usb-c view

Poly offers its new Voyager Free 60+ earbuds as an alternative for people wanting a good performance earbud compatible with their iPhone and with all their UC platform in a more discrete and comfortable wearing style. The Free 60+ case allows you to carry both earbuds and the USB-C dongle as well in one package, besides the carrying case offers a touchpad OLED screen that allows you to check pairing status, battery and adjust volume as well. The case comes with a USB-C to 3.5mm jack cable that allows to be used on old devices with 3.5mm jack or if traveling by plane to use with the 3.5mm jack on the plane. You can find hybrid and adaptive Active Noise Canceling (ANC) and can be controlled from the case as well. You can learn more of the Free 60+ HERE

Shokz OpenComm2 UC Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset USB-Ashokz opencomm2 uc bone conduction bluetooth headset usb-a view

Shokz offers this new headset with bone conduction technology featuring open-ear design, this means that the headset broadcast the sound by the bone on the top of the ear directly, allowing the user to be able to hear the environment, this is a nice alternative for people in the need of a headset but with issues of having something covering the ear like a headset or not wanting to get something inside the ear canal like earbuds. The Shokz OpenComm 2 offers a discrete microphone boom arm and can be used with your iPhone and computer thanks to the included Bluetooth dongle. It comes with IP55 water-resistant rating, so can be worn without worries when working out or jogging. To learn more of the Shokz OpenComm 2 click HERE

Jabra Evolve2 55 UC Stereo USB-A Bluetooth Headsetjabra evolve2 55 uc stereo usb-a bluetooth headset view

Jabra recently launched the new Evolve2 55 as an alternative for people looking for wireless headset with Active Noise Canceling and Jabra’s respectable quality without breaking the bank. The new redesigned headband now offers a more comfortable wearing for a whole day use. The Evolve2 55’s microphone boom arm comes with four microphones with an advanced chipset that allows it to do the speech separation algorithm that translates in separating the users voice from the background creating the best voice performance required for calls on your iPhone or on your computer as it comes with the Link 380 dongle to be used with your computer and all the UC platforms as its certified for all the mayor platforms. Integrated 360 degree busy light is noticeable when engaged on a call from any angle. Learn more of the Evolve2 55 UC HERE

Jabra Evolve2 75 MS Stereo Bluetooth Headset USB-C w/Stand Teamsjabra evolve2 75 ms stereo bluetooth headset usb-c w/stand teams view

Jabra gives us the Evolve2 75 headset as a Bluetooth Class 1 headset compatible with your iPhone and your computer as it comes with the Link 380 and this headset comes with fully adjustable Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that allows the user to graduate this feature depending on the outdoor noise. Another feature included is that this can be used as a boom less microphone headset as the boom arm offers 2 settings, on Discrete Mode with the boom arm hidden the user can make calls and speak freely as the integrated microphones will detect and follow the voice, on Performance mode with the boom arm out the microphones will follow the users speech with a crystal clear sound quality, designed and certified for all UC applications and mayor platforms such as Microsoft Teams. You can learn more of the Evolve2 75 HERE

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