Sam Bankman-Fried Trial Evidence Includes Caroline Ellison’s Diary

  • Sam Bankman-Fried’s trial has over six million pages of evidence, per the NYT.
  • That comes after prosecutors said it took weeks just to download all his Slack messages.
  • The diary of Caroline Ellison, former Almada CEO and on-off girlfriend of SBF, is also evidence.

Sam Bankman-Fried’s trial involves over six million pages of evidence, making it one of the biggest ever cases of white-collar securities fraud in Manhattan, The New York Times reported.

The FTX cofounder has pleaded not guilty to 13 criminal counts including bank fraud, bribery, and campaign finance violations.

His crypto exchange imploded last November after CoinDesk reported on its overly close relationship with its sister hedge fund, Alameda, which prompted customers to race to withdrawal money. 

FTX couldn’t meet withdrawal demand, partly due to lavish spending by executives including a $65 billion “backdoor” line of credit which drew on customer funds, bankruptcy lawyers said.

According to The Times, 2.5 million pages of the evidence come from Bankman-Fried’s phones, laptops, and Google accounts. 

In March, prosecutors said the FBI was struggling to extract data from Bankman-Fried’s laptop because the laptop was crammed with so much information, and it took weeks just to get his Slack messages. 

Beyond the corporate affairs of the fallen crypto giant, we could also learn more about the relationships and disagreements between FTX’s top dogs.

That’s because a diary in a black notebook belonging to Caroline Ellison, the former Alameda CEO, is also part of the mountain of evidence, The Times reported.

People with knowledge of the matter told The Times that Ellison also recorded observations about Bankman-Fried – some expressing personal and professional resentment – in electronic documents seen by lawyers.

Ellison lived in Bankman-Fried’s penthouse in the Bahamas alongside other FTX executives, and is often described in reports, including The Times’, as his “on-and-off girlfriend.”

She is expected to be a key witness in the case, having pleaded guilty to seven charges including securities fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Bankman-Fried’s spokesperson declined to comment when contacted by Insider.

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